Log 190 ~Big Will Goes Home~

A woman gives me a word, and here I am moving mountains, she takes it back and I have a hard time getting out of bed but it wasn’t a promise or anything, a time of chaos and sickness and I have a big mouth or hands. Big Will Goes Home.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Log 190 ~Big Will Goes Home~

Dear Future Wife,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and I don’t look a thing like Jesus. Also, I don’t sound anything like him, but I want my words to carry the same weight. Some time ago, I was saying that words like POWER and FEAR are huge. What about LOVE? I Love You; I Do, I Will, Forever and Always. I could tell you a million times over that I Love You, but I Like Far Cry 5 a lot. Remember I liked that show Finding Carter and somebody says on it that six “Reallys” plus a “Like” equals love? Carly Rae Jepsen has a song about it; okay, so I’m dropping my phone.

Well, I thought so anyway, “Can We Talk” for a minute? The first time we talked, I didn’t want to talk about the weather. I got sunshine; okay, I’m trying to stop singing. Do you think I should have stuck to my brief stint as a songwriter? Of course, you know the types of books I’m known for, baby girl. One friend of mine told me I should go back to writing poetry. It wasn’t my big sister, but she is a wise woman, so is my mom, and you too, my beautiful wife. Their words worth listening to, women who mean what they say. Well, maybe not when you were having our kids, as the song goes, I didn’t mean to call you that. How about crushing my hand? I’m a fantastic writer, but speaking? Yeah, the last time I gave you my left hand. I’m rambling; my point?

Okay, I don’t drink because I can’t stand anything taking control of my words. Same with some medications, I want to have the power of my speech. Let it not be fear of censorship, hurting feelings, not even the almighty dollar. Here I was about to say I don’t want to take anything back? The things I write in the name of a buck, the stuff I get people to say and do for that green. You know For The Love Of Money and all that baby doll. I ask you about your day continuously. What do you need or want? What if you’re going to take something back; I don’t mean material things. Tony Montana said he had his balls and his word. I give you my word but yours; Big Will Goes Home.

I Will Have No Fear

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