Log 281 ~Will’s Feat Of Love~

I would die before I let anyone harm my furry son. Now when I have a bigger family of my own well, I’m already making preparations, I’ve got the house, and I’m getting weapons as they say “all’s fair in love and war.” “Will’s Feat Of Love.”

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Log 281 ~Will’s Feat Of Love~

Dear Future Wife,
I AM a Billionaire right now, but I still wouldn’t buy one of those bubble balls for myself. I always remember the distance I traveled, the feet that came after, and the fear of defeat. Love and war as they say. I will say I believe more in the former because the latter would mean to be without you. Now I could go all Final Fantasy X Chappu on you. Yeah, I haven’t been playing many video games in our isolation. I have my other ladylove in life, writing. Only one more way to protect you, Babygirl.

“Chappu also said to me… That being with your girl is good… But keeping Sin far away from her is better.”

Luzzu, Final Fantasy X

For a few days, all I’ve wanted to say is, well, like when we first met. I Want to Hold Your Hand.” Instead, I’m Ethan Hawke, a.k.a. James Sandin from The Purge (2013). I’m checking out all the arsenal, adding on. The weight of such things, the meaning still freaks me out. Then there’s the wait, again I’m reminded of our first date. You won’t like me saying this, but I was sick, stressed out, and you know, silent. The hallmark of our marriage because I’m a hard man to know. Am I scared of dying? Sadly, the answer is still no. But the idea of us never being close, though? How much closer can we get? I see the signs everywhere now. Stay 6 feet apart all the time, and yes, I’m still thinking about that lady yelling at me the other day. There was also Cherry talking about it. What about the businesses that I run every day?

Loving me is like something out of Containment. You’re the Katie to my Jake, and the shower curtain separates us. You’re the Teresa to my Xander, and I want to do right by you, but there’s everything, sickness, other people, your mother. Hmm, that’s a marriage stereotype somehow. I’m Lex, you’re Jana, and I want to keep everything from falling apart. You can see why I love paws so much. Our furry son hates anyone touching them, but still, I walk him, lift him, let him lay wherever. Now I’m being honest, but here’s a secret Love… feet freak me out. Don’t ask me what it is, but I avoid them. It could be seeing the movie Boomerang, I would have been eight when it came out ha. Anyway, living For The Love Of You always. Will’s Feat Of Love.

I Will Have No Fear

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