Log 292 ~The Number One, Willy~

The WWE, which I’m on the cusp of not watching anymore, says it’s all about the numbers come Royal Rumble season, and the only number that matters, in the end, is one. “The Number One, Willy” but even in that I’m still greedy

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Log 292 ~The Number One, Willy~

Hey Lady Lu,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and I would be the first in my family. Lady Lu, I would be the first one I ever met. Tempted to say I haven’t been first at anything, but I’d be lying. Maybe Cherry’s talk is getting to me. She’d never admit it, but that girl is one for motivation. So what’s my motivation? Isn’t that a question that actors ask all the time? As for me, as usual, bucks, broads, and bullets. This week has been full of them for better or worse; then again, what is my #1 item with Six Impossible Things?

Let’s start off with the most “harmless” in this country, and that would be guns sarcasm. I’m still working up the courage to head out to the range. In all seriousness Lady Lu, I talk a big game of surviving the zombie hordes that will one day descend upon us all. I say that with utmost confidence, but it’s the living I can’t deal with. The dead don’t frighten me but only the breathing. Becoming one or staying the other requires what I do these days. I did mention I bought my speedloader and some rubber 9mm but until then.

Well, I have to figure out what I’m going to do with that $1,200. Hell, the only thing keeping it in my pocket is the fact that I want to write The Eve of a Cherry. I should mention books among the bucks, broads, and bullets, but how many novels have I bought recently. I got stuff to do, but I’m barely averaging 1700 words a day. If I published a book, I could stop by the bank more often. Now money would solve all my problems, only the amount has changed daily, how much?

The $30.00 I spent yesterday didn’t make me happy. At least I didn’t get robbed $50 on the Cash App. No, I spent money on one of my favorite pornstars Mia Rose. Again why can’t I be like an average guy and just get a membership with any ole adult site? Why don’t you ask me how many girls I have in The Eve of a Cherry? Seventeen and yesterday, I added 2B from Nier: Automata as Genevieve Garnet Flood. I swear it’s like I’m one of those tentacle monsters from the “good” Japanese animes.

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