Gospel 170 ~Will Rings The Belle~

I’ve said before, I tell myself stories to go to sleep at night. When I’m not being the typical person. You know, diddling around on the phone, I review more tales or ask myself “the big questions.” Will Rings The Belle.

Friday, December 18, 2020

Gospel 170 ~Will Rings The Belle~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, which means I can probably afford therapy. No, instead, I choose to live in books, to WRITE, and to hold conversations with myself daily. All-day, I’ve been thinking about the number seven. There are seven sins, days, people, and what now?

Of course, I look towards myself, my PRIDE with the Man in The Mirror, every Sunday. It hurts to know that he has not suffered as I have, but I’m a survivor, as the song goes. My grandma used to say I was full of pride… I don’t see it.

Now Monday’s for most, are challenging, which is why I engage in SLOTH. I mean, come on, I make a bunch of rules I don’t live by. At the Day Job, I wear the same thing every day and skirt the “laws” that I can outside this house around me.

I ENVY the man who talks to his Future Wife every Tuesday. He’s living the life of my dreams. He complains to her to make her run off, and why? Would he rather be me? Maybe he’s staring at himself, but it’s through the eyes of his beloved and so…

I’m still waiting for WRATH on Wednesday. I announce my sins, and someday I’m going to slip up and say something that will end me. M Anime said I might have a thing about powerful women like cops and soldiers. Inspector Echo is inspired by Inspector Carla Valenti, “Indigo Prophecy.”

Thursday, of course, is all about LUST. It’s a temptation. It’s Like slacking Thursday knowing Friday is coming. Truth be told, there was a particular website that offered free downloads on Wednesday night. I suppose Thursday I get to brag but haven’t been there in ages. Love and Lust, Dear Future Wife meets Dirty Diana.

So today is Friday and GREED. In case you’re wondering what any of this has to do with books or writing… The very idea of writing this stems from a book I read once, Lust: by Ker Dukey, part of the Elite Seven Series. How many ideas have I claimed?

Saturday is GLUTTONY. As Spotify has pointed out, AHEM, I’m just a “Sucker For Pain.” Hell, the whole reason I started writing this blog was that I feed on “Humiliations Galore.” Isn’t that Wednesday? Well, I need more, ha. Ker Dukey and Eric Vall, but how
Will Rings The Belle.

I Will Have No Fear

Lesson 098 ~What Would Blankman Do~

I greet a different man in the mirror every morning, that is when I can bear to look at him at all, he could be a caveman, a villain, probably some hero without a name, and how long did my job get my name wrong? What Would Blankman Do

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Lesson 098 ~What Would Blankman Do~

Hey Lady Lu
No Fear but being honest, it’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday as the song goes but you know what I think, sometimes it’s just too damn easy if you’re me.

So I’m at Walmart today… yeah, what was I thinking but anyway I hear this man, tell his kid, “is that something Jesus would do” and easily enough I kept my mouth shut. Now I could go on and on about comparing ourselves to others, Jesus, Santa to get presents, superheroes, yes I read my own lesson title and to quote another song, it’s not easy to be me. Even in my latest novella, I make myself into a monster but if I were to be any sort of man, it would surely be the human Braxton deserves and the man my future wife might be waiting on; high hopes.

With that being said, I’ve often talked about being a better man than I was yesterday but today I actually miss that guy because he actually got some work done, five thousand words and today, well there’s you and my anxiety. The constant state of things, not that you’re necessarily bad, considering how we got back together but I was so proud of myself yesterday and while I could be whoever I wanted to today again just shows who I am. I want to ask the question what would I do but I’m not ready and again the whole point of this is to stop comparing myself to others right?

Someone once said “Don’t try to be a great man. Just be a man, and let history make its own judgments.” Star Trek First Contact

It still scares me so Luna, who I might be becoming, the craziness, I mean I’m a writer, there is no doubt in my mind about that but truly, I’m going to have seven personalities, nearly all women to write now? I’ve said it so many times I wouldn’t leave you and I’ll still be writing every day just different facets and including my past, present, or future me, I’m still not certain really. Do you think one day they’ll be asking the question ‘what would Willie do’ they don’t ask that about Shakespeare these days?

We’ll talk the same time next week and I’ll probably be burdened, should I call this an experiment perhaps. So what have I learned today, I’ve never asked what would Jesus do, my story is about what she thought I would do, and you know what I’ll do tomorrow so Lady Lu, until next Saturday, goodbye, I’ll still be me but What Would Blankman Do?

I Will Have No Fear