Gospel 321 ~B In The Doghouse~

The Day Job is Hell, the Decisions I will have to make (Mask or No) but the Doghouse… Between Grief and Nothing, I choose Grief, but I am a minority of one in that. The High Priest of the House of Braxton. B In The Doghouse but shut up

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Gospel 321 ~B In The Doghouse~

Dear Future Wife,
I AM a Billionaire right now, but I don’t think I’ve seen all our money in any one place. Would be dangerous

One more reason I haven’t finished my album for Braxton besides being lazy. Yes, lazy, not sad, or moving into Depression (shudders). I still deny I’m even into Bargaining, even though we’ve been doing plenty as of late. It’s been 107 days since Braxton’s passing. Again another reason I’m hiding out in the Study instead of facing you like a man. Of course, “I prefer handwritten sentiments,” so you have Braxton beat there. But I’m pretty sure he could read some. Okay, so I am going crazy, but you and the children are here too? Not very comforting? What I mean is, it’s because of Braxton I learned the value of a picture and of keeping family close. B III, you, them, you are everywhere.

Baby girl “If I had my way, then surely you would be closer. I need you closer.” I’d like nothing more than to be in bed with you and just talk about B III. To tell you how much I miss my boy and that I need him, love. I need you, I need us, and to believe in love. Even my second best friend is getting sick of me talking about him, and she and I never fight. You and I, on the other hand… At the old Day Job, all I ever did was rage, and I don’t want my home to be that way ever. It’s not going to be how it once was, either Baby Doll. Never again with B gone.

To think I complained about dog hair when Braxton sat on one of my masks. I will miss wearing masks because a year wasn’t enough time to break me of fake smiling. That’s what it would be, pretend, in dreams, just my imagination. Oh, but to stay in Denial always. Only I can’t hide from you being here and my Dæmon being gone forever. But where am I to go? I’m starting to understand the true meaning of loss and being lost because Grief is love with no place to go. Not that I’m blaming you at all, ever because I wish I could climb inside his doghouse or box…

He wanted to stay; let me lay here forgetting the world. B In The Doghouse.

107 Days Without B III

BLM Braxton’s Life Matters,

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