Gospel 328 ~Trying, A, B, C’s~

“Show you how to be man, how to be the boss,” as the song goes. My Old Man was old school, a man ain’t supposed to cry, and if a man provides, you don’t need to talk about love. I want to learn better, but then there’s my first son. Trying A, B, C’s.

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Gospel 328 ~Trying, A, B, C’s~

Dear Future Wife,
I AM a Billionaire right now, so I must be able to care for our family. Black Lives Matter, A Man Provides

I could give you a list of things I believe in. God is not amongst them. We’re still not on speaking terms since Braxton passed. Hell, we weren’t much for speaking when B III was alive. And well, except for some prayer anytime I left him alone; Braxton’s protection, safety. Sounding somewhat like Toby “Roots,” oh, I ain’t never going to be no Christian man. As the song goes, My Love well um, it’s this “I hope he’s not like me, I hope he understands.” I want our kids to love like you, and I want to love them like I did my firstborn, Braxton. Yeah, after what happened to him? No, I happened to him. Fifteen years, eleven months, I’m still learning of fatherhood.

What can I tell you about my own father? I’m thirty-six, so I don’t envy the man, which is one of the reasons I want to remain a billionaire. I have yet to learn that money doesn’t fix it all, but I finally crawled out of bed after how long? A Man Provides, that’s true. Baby Girl, it’s always going to hurt, but we learn to live with it. That’s something I don’t want to teach our children. Maybe I’m wrong, not STUPID, but wrong. Those aren’t the same thing. At the old Day Job, they might as well be another reason for hating retail. That’s something I promise never to teach our kids. I’ll never teach them to hate, but how to stand up?

Why do you think I want to name our daughters Katniss, Tris, and Ember, girls on fire? If we have a boy and a girl, Luke, and Leia? One boy, Dante, or would I dare to name him after his big bro Braxton. B got his middle name Barks because it was his biggest feature. Here we are discussing baby names. And haven’t I sworn I would never have another fur baby? Yeah, that’s coming from the man that checks out Adopt-a-Pet every now and again. My mother, my son, even you, Baby Doll, have made me the man I am today. God didn’t make men, but men made gods. We make love; we make children. Before that was Braxton. Love? Trying, A, B, C’s

114 Days Without B III

BLM Braxton’s Life Matters,

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