Log 299 ~Well That’s Sick Will~

The tip of the iceberg knowing why this is happening. Who am I to speak on it knowing what I want to write for a living. STUPIDITY is the real sickness, but I’m staying at the house, and I’m not fighting to stay broke. “Well That’s Sick Will” ha

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Log 299 ~Well That’s Sick Will~

Hey Lady Lu,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and being in the 1%, with a bunker, bullets, and bombs, don’t can’t forget about the babes. Lady Lu, I would be doing what the wealthy are doing now. Only I’m not, so why do I think this all had to happen with the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The American Dream Lady Luna. You know I’ll be the first to admit that I’m lazy, but I have the Day Job. I have enough money to see myself and My Dæmon throughout the week. Every payday, I would budget barely enough for a movie, some fast food, some porn. One-week, Lady Lu and society collapses. People can’t survive a week without a paycheck. It doesn’t sound like much of an economy to me or LIFE. Save enough for a rainy day, I hear. Who thinks that $1,200 will restart the economy and for what, a return to the status quo? Not trying to sound like Jacob Seed here, but “cull the herd!” People are dying for the rich, and so be it if they wish. I don’t know how to stop it. THEY advise you shouldn’t find your passion for the money, but I am a writer. If you can’t beat them as they say well, join them, sigh.

I can’t save the world either. It cheers me, though, that this might be Mother Nature’s way of stopping us. Hell, I only drive once a week now. Now I’m not an environmentalist or anything, but I’m not a killer either. Outside of my stories, at least. The world is fighting back against the plague, which is people. You know I can relate, minus the zombies I’m living a very minor apocalypse fantasy. On top of everything being wiped out, there’s the plague of STUPIDITY.

Of course, this leads me to President Trump shudders. Here’s a problem not of his making so he can’t fix it. All the tweets and rants won’t stop the Coronavirus. It won’t vanish whit the next news cycle; it is omnipresent. I am not a righteous man, but this plague I somewhat consider divine retribution. A guilty man goes free, and nobody will stop him, so now the world has ended. All I know is I’m not fighting to stay broke, I dream of being better… Wednesday night, well dammit.

Money, Mother, and Morons, the Coronavirus, Well That’s Sick Will.

I Will Have No Fear

Roar Scars

This is what happens if we don’t speak up but what can I do about politics, honestly I’m that guy that’s watching the world burn, literally. Roar Scars, it’s not like man is capable are we, and the king of the jungle, or would be is now a trophy

If it ain’t broke, maybe you’ll talk louder
or scream more of your hate.
Well no one told me about her
no not one star
I wished upon; figured I’d wait
stay just a little bit longer, because chicks dig scars…
they’re called angels, and there are plenty more
that the world anticipates
ending, so why don’t we try harder for

the pain ain’t cheap.
One pill and I can’t stop
with such sweet temptations, that I can’t sleep
Throwing up on the common ground
that isn’t made for heroes at the top
Tell me who will save us now?
Trump, AL Gore, love is an open door
only I don’t call the cops
as I’m not ready to soar

like autumn leaving on a jet plane
You don’t even have to ask why
For nuclear winter will be the one to blame
when you’re looking at a guy with a bomb
who won’t even try?
Just a mean old man without a mom
And the people sing about war
what is it good for if only to take life
from all the lions that never learned to roar