Episode 025 ~Go To Hell Will~

Not as “Hot, Hot, Hot,” as I wanted it to be, but Hell can be a confusing place as they say Hell freezes over and Dante decided to take a tour of the area, and video game Dante *sigh* what women get men into right? Go To Hell Will

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Episode 025 ~Go To Hell Will~


Come In Dirty Diana,
Give Me One Reason to come up with a more original title; it’s not as familiar as I like and it certainly beats “skeevy,” and I can already hear you groaning here we go but aren’t thoughts of the Bitch another level of Hell? In truth, though as I’ve said before Hell can be a cold place so why is it the way becomes lit by fire the whole path there, and then we all end up getting burned and how do we nurse ourselves again?

“Some women can’t handle the fire. Some can.” Bruce Almighty

Tonight though I don’t want to talk about being alone, instead let’s focus on all of the reasons I’m going to get burned the first being I’m quite shallow, or some would say thirsty. Okay so I’m trying to be less self-deprecating, I’m still on a motivational kick these days, and with what I usually think about myself, I Still Believe there isn’t a body issue to be had. However, admiring a woman’s body is enough to end some, and I can only call someone beautiful for so long and yes there is something to be said for subtlety but fuck me is the ultimate goal when it comes to men and women but sensitive.

Now while I ’m never that crass, I compared the Bitch to a Brazzers pornstar; let’s say I have a woman in bed and one of the first things I learned as a Dominant is you never do so out of anger, Christian Grey was mad at his mother, rage has no place. It’s one of the reasons I enjoy sex so much; think The Screwfly Solution and for the record I’ve never harmed a woman, I hit my sister but I was a child, I was fighting girls when I was in the third grade; anyway sex gets me hot and doesn’t that trump anger? I’ve even talked about this before, how I’m more inclined to cover girls up in pretty outfits or at least in silk and lace binds or their underwear and anything else I would do?

One has to wonder since the Bible does talk about sex is there some method of “making love” that is specifically designed to keep one out of Hell and don’t say marriage because even if I were happily married, I would burn for my wife. Nowadays though my heart is frozen and below the belt, a cold shower might help, but no, I let freezing memories wash over me because well Go To Hell Will.

I Will Have No Fear

Episode 018 ~Do You Lust Me~

I always feel like, somebody’s watching me as the song goes and I wonder what they’re doing because I doubt it’s anything sexy and even if they loved me, would they admit to something like this? Do You Lust me?

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Episode 018 ~Do You Lust Me~


Come In Dirty Diana,
Give Me One Reason to be a sex symbol other than the entire world going blind; how I’ve found myself in the mirror plenty for a couple of days and Saturday all I can see is fear, and it’s cuter than me, dammit. When I was a teenager there was this girl that sat with me at lunch, we rarely talked, and I can’t say I was attracted to her in the slightest, but my ‘father” asks how did I know how she sees me and yeah I don’t know honestly.

I’ve known maybe one girl in two years possibly who openly told me that she wanted to fuck me and you want to know how does it feel for me to hear that, honestly they should bottle such an emotion. On the other hand, I honestly need to know when to shut the fuck up, playing games with another girl, and I got her and her giggly friend to look me up on Facebook, and that’s all she wrote there. Let’s call her Zibby to my Jesse, the same girl that got me going but no I haven’t told her off yet Dirty Diana, that’s one fear I haven’t had to face as of yet, and the thing is what if I’m still 100% clueless?

Lost Without U, I’ve said some stupid things to girls to be quite honest, and we still remember the bitch who I haven’t looked up at all this year; I’ve never tracked people down, or hidden in dumpsters. Okay this is more of a conversation for Inspector Echo, and I’ve probably already had it, and with you too, the desire to have some girl go all “Taylor Townsend” on my ass, You Don’t Know My Name, I’d even take Amber from “Kill Theory.” A dominant I am but to have the girl chase the monster and then when she finally finds me, we’ll see how badly she wants to play, but that Dirty Diana is a dream, however with my book… who knows, could happen.

One woman looked me up on Whisper and as soon as she saw my face; it’s hard to have body issues when people never get past the mask, and yeah women have some problems with men but if some woman came after me? Not in a psychotic, I want to kill you sort of way, more like U Got It Bad, how North looks at Markus (thank you Detroit: Become Human) way *sigh* asking the obvious, Do You Lust Me.

I Will Have No Fear

When Was ROMEO A Stuntman

Have you heard the latest; now I’m not one for gossip but I think this is a great book, and better than any tabloid and did you see what Ruby Rowe was wearing, four stars I think I saw but riddle me this? When Was ROMEO A Stuntman

An awesome story and let me repeat that, an awesome novel, it echoes through the ages continuously and everyone puts their spin, a twist and what better a setting that California. You know how they say, never judge a book by its cover, well come on, it’s not Ruby Rowe’s fault, but when you utter Romeo, you immediately think Juliet or in this case Ava Lane/Leoni and throwing “The Bodyguard” into the mix with ease.

Romeo is a story you know backward and forward, leaving nearly no suspense not to say it’s boring but right off the bat I give four stars just because you know what’s coming. Maybe that’s not fair of me, perhaps I’ve been jaded from well, take your pick, Shakespeare, mafia romances, the drama of Hollywood but reading this I will say I am a lot more devoted than with any tabloid. If it wasn’t Ava, it was the ex-military, rich mafia guy, dominant in Griffin Scott/Golino, talk about looking the part of your average BDSM romance though this was more than average with the story.

I don’t mean to sound so critical as I already said four out of five stars, the story itself hooks you, there’s no way you want to put it down but when you see Romeo and Juliet you read, or you watch, and you know what’s going to happen. While reading Romeo there was never a doubt in my mind about the happy ending, seriously sometimes you just think, why don’t they go ahead and pick china patterns. If you do want a mystery, you could try and pick out the other characters and match them to William Shakespeare’s classic.

I suppose I was too caught up to bother, talk about descriptive the author wants you to fall head over heels in love with Ava and there is a big reason for that. Griffin for as hardened as he is served no as more a puppet throughout the story unless he was busy saving Ava’s behind and that’s so he could spank it later maybe.

The shocker perhaps is Ava’s age, which I’m pretty sure is forty years old and goes on comparing her to a younger actress or her baby sister and how a man like Griffin at thirty could never want her. Personally, I tend to go for younger women, but the way the author describes Ava can make any man go weak in the knees, though that’s more Ava’s department being honest.

I think the BDSM elements are the only thing that made me like Griffin at all; how in one aspect of his life he was at the beck and call of his clients/principals and in the other a sought after dominant. There was also “Dungeon Six” which I wished we could learn even more about and while Matt wasn’t a compelling character he was somewhat left out. Also, the idea of Romeo when it came to Griffin’s identity, but I’ll save that for you to discover, which is easy enough.

It was strange how Ava was a reverse of Griffin, she was always quite in control but became submissive putty for Griffin so naturally. She remains true to the genre of would be mafia princess wanting to run away with the handsome bodyguard, nothing original there but the sex scenes between her and Griffin were hot. Another character disappearing was her ex Oliver however he was merely a footnote in the story entirely, nothing more.

Now Mickey and Sydney, where do you start, no secrets there and as soon as Ava covered a bit of history between herself and Mickey well; Sydney, on the other hand, was the stereotypical young actress. There’s also the mafia fathers and the family histories blah blah, new mutiny and such emphasis on friendship amongst women and the Hollywood spotlight.

Nothing surprised me, but you can read the same story so many times and find something new each time but as well written and as fascinating as it was, I was not blown away by it. Four out of five and beware as there will be spoilers headed next if you can call them that with this author’s interpretation of the Shakespeare powerhouse story indeed.

Mickey DeLuca, shall we call him Paris as he was courting Ava, a friend of her father’s, the alpha male though even more of a jerk and I’m with Griffin on the fact I would have been annoyed with Ava too. I still have yet to understand what it is with women and the mafia motif or how they stumble upon one good guy making everyone else the bad guy; I suppose love triangles are for YA novels or dirtier erotica, as my reading group warned this was somewhat tame. Characters left out and an issue here or there left unresolved gives this book a more genuine feeling, but it is not without some closure.

Other than some of the descriptive language, Dungeon Six, and the sex, the story just shows how addictive the tabloids can be, but I won’t be picking up a gossip magazine anytime soon. With Ava just living her life I liked how she began to stick up for herself against Drake and her agent without a death threat hanging Sword of Damocles style over her head, not from either of them at least. Any book that leaves you yearning for more, of course, has my vote, though it ended when it did, it was heading into Fifty Shades territory, that’s just my two cents though.

If you’ve never read Romeo and Juliet and are new to erotica, this is a great place to start minus, the stalker if you’re not into the darker themes maybe. I could see myself being a fan of Ava’s and of course Ruby Rowe, but I have to ask, just When Was ROMEO A Stuntman?