Log 315 ~No Rest For The Wicked~

My first day back at the Day Job officially, and I hope I’m not sick. Maybe the zombies will finally take the planet, which is far more likely than my finishing a book for publication, don’t you think? No Rest For The Wicked.

Monday, May 11, 2020

Log 315 ~No Rest For The Wicked~

Hundred And Thirty-Sixth Rule

Madam Justice,
I AM a Billionaire right now, but I can’t be evil; I sleep way too much. Then again, I know plenty of sinners that sleep like babies. Am I saying that all rich people are evil… was it hard choosing sides between Captain America and Ironman? SIGH that has me thinking about the Day Job. No, I’m not a superhero, not even an ESSENTIAL worker, I’m only in retail. So how was my first day back? Well, seeing’s it’s Saturday right now, and last night I wanted to vomit looking at my schedule. As I talked about yesterday, being “Status Quo” is one thing. What evil things do keep me up at night?

The worse would have to be when My Dæmon isn’t feeling well. It means I’m forgetting what it is to be a father when I can’t help him. All of yesterday, I was figuring out how to buy his meds. I bought food, shared fries, let him hog the bed. Still, he’s an old man, and I’m fighting time. Speaking of time, what am I doing for Mother’s Day? One of those “holy” holidays I forgot about while talking to Dear Future Wife? The good news is, I haven’t forgotten, seeing again I know what day it is. Only what do I think about what my Mom told me yesterday about my grandfather? Should I be broken up, destroyed about my Granddad having the Coronavirus (COVID-19)? I told everyone about the man who said, and I quote, “I don’t know you,” and that’s not him being old. Family… what family?

No Lady Sophia I’m too busy looking at Girls, Girls, Girls, all night. I swear I can’t go to sleep until I, well? Afterward, I still don’t want to sleep, as Dennis Hof said, he goes looking for the next party. It’s like The Matrix; all I see is blonde, brunette, redhead. Same with my stories, didn’t I mention Indiana Gone, Whisper Girl, and Cherry. I write about the things I would like to do to women and then crickets, tumbleweeds, utter silence. I would never consider silence as my fear, but people treat it as a sin. If I want to talk about sin, though, what about the things I do to myself. Hell, it’s why I’m still alive.

If I ever published a book or built a brothel? No Rest For The Wicked.

I Will Have No Fear

Episode 032 ~Whip, Wickedness, And Will~

So no rest for the wicked as the song goes and when it comes to the bedroom; there are plenty of reasons I only average about four hours a night, the will to succeed with dirty words like these. “Whip, Wickedness, And Will” to use them

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Episode 032 ~Whip, Wickedness, And Will~


Come In Dirty Diana,
Give Me One Reason to use them, this week, strangely enough, has been about tools and weapons and while I may use a belt to hold up my pants, I would hate the feeling of one on my behind. Then again I will admit I do have this thing about being spanked with a hand or having my ass squeezed by a girl when she’s giving me a blowjob; truthfully, I’m more of a breast man but I also like legs too and volleyball asses, thank you “The Miracle Season” ha.

I’ve been commenting on Twitter to Alice Little who works at The Moonlite Bunny Ranch, and she asked where do you like being touched, and besides the obvious, to me, it’s the hands, I’ve said I’m a traditionalist or just old, but “I Wanna Hold Your Hand.” Now afterward I want to tie them up, preferably with lingerie or scarves, I need more experience with rope and putting someone in a collar with a chain… yeah, maybe knotting is the middle of the road, I tend to go from one extreme to the other. Dildos, is saying I’m Turning Japanese going too far; I say this for three reasons, one penetrating a girl everywhere, when did I get into tentacles, two I don’t share though gangbanging a girl is intriguing I’d sooner have two girls to myself or a harem and three she’ll need blindfolding.

I discussed weapons before “Will Cupid Manufacture Weapons” and a whip is that, though hurting people in violence is one thing, sexually well I am a sadist, guilty as charged Dirty Diana. Terms like Sadism, Ravishment, BDSM, my library is full of these studies, and at the same time, SSC and RACK are present as well because apparently, I care more about women than the current administration of this country and yet I’m the bad guy. In most scenes, I am The Bad Guy making some girls The Impossible Dream like another woman from The Moonlite Bunny Ranch I know.

I see that in my novel, there is already one gangbang scene, and sex with robots… talk about an expensive toy, Real Doll, now that would be something to hide along with any tools and the lingerie for one woman that didn’t happen. It could be that I’m broke and not only mentally, yeah otherwise I would be headed down Nevada way to be sure, my Whip, Wickedness, And Will.

I Will Have No Fear