Episode 328 ~Will And The Bee~

Last week I talked about becoming Iron Will, but I would prefer Gold, and where would I spend all of it anyway, well we know that but how am I going to get it in three months, repeat it, June, July, August. “Will And The Bee”

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Episode 328 ~Will And The Bee~

Hey Lady Lu,
I AM a Millionaire right now, and I am doing my best to make more. Only it’s hard, Lady Luna; I’m talking 53 days or 51 if we’re speaking about Brainbuddy. Hell, I did it yesterday and feel sort of awful today. Avoiding the porn, I mean it doesn’t count right. If I look up a strip club? That I’m “friends” with a sex worker. Even Pinterest isn’t safe if you see one picture of Arnold and Helga. Today I wasn’t fast enough to avoid breasts on Twitter, a second My Lady.

Not to mention Cherry being the temptress that she is. No, I’m keeping the bucks in my pocket. No potential models and still not talking to that friend. She has got named The Highest Earning Legal Sex Worker In The U.S. dear Alice Little drools. She got me on my break, no doubt. A hiatus I’m taking, my No FAP Challenge. If I’m not thinking about dollars, it’s about me breaking every day. Today is only the second without porn. Haven’t I said over and over I’m not giving it up? For some reason I want to be the best, win. As Eric Thomas put it, you have to get tired of losing. I’m watching my Life Tree on Brainbuddy refusing to grow for anything.

Behave myself; I am trying, and don’t make me quote Yoda. Okay, I am replacing one vice for another. Greed for Lust, whether we are talking about The Seven Deadly or The Nine Circles. Wanting more of everything is always worse, but This Is America. Every day I sound as bad as a Republican. Women’s bodies, again I’m pro-choice, but money gets you everything. Only at this rate, I’ll use all the cash I got to cover all the breasts in the world. No, they’re more concerned with other lady parts. I’m involved with a million. For Nevada way, we start at $2,000. Cherry thinks she’s a million; I give her credit for feeling so great. Milf Dos is looking for votes for $25,000, so on and so forth, Luna.

A governor once said I ain’t got time to bleed. Sometimes it’s like I don’t have time to breathe. So when I do catch one, I feel I’m wasting my time. Only I’m no closer to breast, bucks, or becoming more. Who is that anyway, believe Will And The Bee.

I Will Have No Fear

Episode 032 ~Whip, Wickedness, And Will~

So no rest for the wicked as the song goes and when it comes to the bedroom; there are plenty of reasons I only average about four hours a night, the will to succeed with dirty words like these. “Whip, Wickedness, And Will” to use them

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Episode 032 ~Whip, Wickedness, And Will~


Come In Dirty Diana,
Give Me One Reason to use them, this week, strangely enough, has been about tools and weapons and while I may use a belt to hold up my pants, I would hate the feeling of one on my behind. Then again I will admit I do have this thing about being spanked with a hand or having my ass squeezed by a girl when she’s giving me a blowjob; truthfully, I’m more of a breast man but I also like legs too and volleyball asses, thank you “The Miracle Season” ha.

I’ve been commenting on Twitter to Alice Little who works at The Moonlite Bunny Ranch, and she asked where do you like being touched, and besides the obvious, to me, it’s the hands, I’ve said I’m a traditionalist or just old, but “I Wanna Hold Your Hand.” Now afterward I want to tie them up, preferably with lingerie or scarves, I need more experience with rope and putting someone in a collar with a chain… yeah, maybe knotting is the middle of the road, I tend to go from one extreme to the other. Dildos, is saying I’m Turning Japanese going too far; I say this for three reasons, one penetrating a girl everywhere, when did I get into tentacles, two I don’t share though gangbanging a girl is intriguing I’d sooner have two girls to myself or a harem and three she’ll need blindfolding.

I discussed weapons before “Will Cupid Manufacture Weapons” and a whip is that, though hurting people in violence is one thing, sexually well I am a sadist, guilty as charged Dirty Diana. Terms like Sadism, Ravishment, BDSM, my library is full of these studies, and at the same time, SSC and RACK are present as well because apparently, I care more about women than the current administration of this country and yet I’m the bad guy. In most scenes, I am The Bad Guy making some girls The Impossible Dream like another woman from The Moonlite Bunny Ranch I know.

I see that in my novel, there is already one gangbang scene, and sex with robots… talk about an expensive toy, Real Doll, now that would be something to hide along with any tools and the lingerie for one woman that didn’t happen. It could be that I’m broke and not only mentally, yeah otherwise I would be headed down Nevada way to be sure, my Whip, Wickedness, And Will.

I Will Have No Fear

Sage Advice for My Wonderland

Trying to scare another woman away but she’s a “professional” honestly though I didn’t know a “sure” on Twitter, would elicit any type of response that she wrote to me and who knows who else but yeah I was flattered Sage Advice for My Wonderland

Well considering your offer, I suppose I can see myself to the ranch so luxury hotel accommodations would be nice, though pick something you are quite comfortable with as I don’t see us leaving for the next two days unless something comes to mind. As for the weekend, I have broken it up into four quite different encounters, that will take some research to put together but I we will have to try I suppose.

The first I call “Jailbait Heroines” Young Adult novels have always been quite the fetish of mine and as for which novel I can call my favorite is nearly impossible. You cosplaying as Katniss Everdeen and Beatrice “Tris” Prior is a must, I might also recommend bringing a friend but considering resources you doing both roles at different times would be awesome. There will be multiple costume changes throughout this encounter with all the characters I have in mind such as Bella “Twilight”, Ember “Article 5”, Lena Duchannes “Beautiful Creatures”, Rose Hathaway “Vampire Academy” to name a few; you wouldn’t happen to be Mystique by any chance; as for costumes…

1. Black T-Shirt, Panties, Black High Heels, Brown Jacket, or Catching Fire Jumpsuit “Katniss”
2. Jumpsuit or Military Suit (Insurgent, Allegiant) “Tris”
3. Tight Dark Blue Dress “Bella”
4. Long Skirt, White Button Blouse “Ember” (Research Needed)
5. Old Southern Style, Yellow Night Gown, Plantation Style Black Dress “Lena Duchannes”
6. Black Leather Jacket, Mini Skirt, Tight Black Dress, Black Boots “Rose”

My second encounter is “Working During The Apocalypse” I have yet to decide on an apocalyptic scenario but I image a young woman seeking refuge from the horrors of the outside world. Be aware that nearly all of these encounters will be mixed with some form of bondage, but I’ve seen the things you can do with that. You should brush up a bit on Bible Black though other than the schoolgirl costume you can improvise a character perhaps; I’ll have to think of my favorites a bit.

Another encounter will be an improvised scène from the movie “The Falling” honestly I haven’t seen it but the scene I require I know quite well. Easily enough you’ll play Maisie Williams’s character of “Lydia Lamont” and a white blouse and plaid skirt should be easy enough to find I take it. Already I know I am asking quite a lot, with breaks for room service, to shower, and maybe a bit of sleep hopefully.

Last but not least is another improvise scene from one of my favorites “Hannah Harper” as the naughty housewife, so sinfully small white robe will be all that is needed. Again you can play the role however you see fit, though you should also have scattered lingerie around the room, and wear a crucifix since holier than thou girls is also another fetish of mine. We also need to talk about video documentation as well, for all of these encounters, voyeurism, exhibitionism, and of course, BDSM; are fetishes of mine.

Now I honestly believe I’m dreaming considering, the time and resources it will take to get from here to there but I’m not one to leave a lady hanging. You wanted to know the details of my fantasies and these four may change at any time before we ever meet face to face, with time