Episode 303 ~Will There Be Time~

What time is it, I want to jump up for love the way I jumped for the day job this morning, reminded me of being a kid again and having no idea what day it was only believing I was late for school but late for love? “Will There Be Time”

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Episode 303 ~Will There Be Time~

Dear Future Wife,
I AM a Millionaire right now, and still, I don’t know how to love you the right way. People sometimes ask you how you can love me at all. So I ponder the question of, how long is forever? Look at me like I’m some sage philosopher. Anyway, a part of me wants to put some arbitrary timeframe on it, me being me. Hell, it took me twenty seconds of insane courage to talk to you, love.

How fast did I fall in love with my first born? The moment his four paws touched the floor and all I wanted to do is scoop him up. That was fourteen years ago, and to this day I still love him like pancakes. No, a breakfast buffet by now, with a plate full of bacon. Don’t ask. I love you like I’m one of the androids, from Detroit: Become Human. I’m in my mind palace examining every possible angle but time keeps moving. So how do I look standing there? My love for you is like me singing at the FORMER day job. Scratchy, stretched, and long periods of silence. Only the idea that I am capable of doing that and not caring what anyone thinks ever again love.

Hell, I want a love strong enough to stand. Observant and reasonable to understand and silent enough to listen. Our daughters have those qualities, but dad is still well dad. There will come a day when I will have to be the man I need to be. I was so when I published my first book, and I want to love you like that. When time ceases to be, and at the same time I still count on forever. I want to love you as I always do on those Saturday mornings. When it’s only us, in bed listening to my Fallout soundtrack. No, I won’t swear by the moon as Juliet once said. I love you with all myself. Only will there ever be a right time my love?

I’m not a Christian man, but somehow I’ll be mistaken. So if loving you is wrong; see even after all this time I love you through music, dreams, books. I follow that word, FOREVER. The thought that I’d never get it right. So with every breath, I choose to try again with you asking myself again Will There Be Time?

I Will Have No Fear

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