Episode 307 ~The Fourth Hour Will~

What time did I get out of bed this morning, when did I take my hand out my pants, who am I, and Why did I start writing, and where? I’m at my table as confusing as ever but positive vibes at this time. “The Fourth Hour Will”

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Episode 307 ~The Fourth Hour Will~

Hey Lady Lu,
I AM a Millionaire right now, and that means being Mr. No Days Off instead of Mr. I Don’t Feel Like It. Today May The Fourth Be With You. Happy Birthday to “Indiana Gone.” Here’s to the four months I have to cash my check. A toast to the memories of “DC.”

I read somewhere a day ago that being a real adult means being tired no matter how much sleep you get. Besides that keeping me in bed there’s let’s say other not nice things. Plenty keeping me down but still thirty-two days of NO FAP. I continue thinking about missing the deadline for my short story. I need to write a review for Booksmart. I received an invite to Amazon Vine. These conversations My Lady are pushing all day events now. I swear my novel was quicker but heading into the fourth hour. Still, I press on with Yahoo scares, Cloud Services, Apple, and even this place. I mean “fuck” (Language) I want to be known. Only I don’t know whether this is worry, just my imagination or paranoia. If I were a better man, I wouldn’t need to struggle at all. Between “The Keys To Life,” “Temptations End,” “Apocalypse Rush,” “Pay Two Plague.” I add my number five novel to that count. Two hundred fifty thousand words, add in you and the others and my 120,000 worded story. OMG!!!

I am grateful Lady Luna.

Excuse me for sounding like a petulant child. A complaining teen, a worry wart, and an entitled celebrity as I do have a million dollars. I’m a man, a writer, and a survivor. More to the point a winner. Once again I’m going to be a bestselling author. A brothel owner, boss of a “love hotel” in the states. With a plethora of cosplayers and pornstars making movies and shows on my network. Big dog, big nuts as Lamar Davis would put it. A boss hog like the mayor. A businessman and I need to put the ladies man aside until I finish phase one. Which I should tell myself tomorrow. Today there is so much to do though between this conversation. Again a review I’m bound to do. My emails to Alice Little and Ruby Rae. Oh, answering that invitation. Books, as much as I enjoy reading, hopefully not because the fourth is with me, The Fourth Hour Will.

I Will Have No Fear

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