Log 316 ~Will FUNDS His Family~

I’ve heard that “some” women brag about their boyfriends/husbands’ jobs, and while I don’t plan on marrying Rochelle, “My man has two jobs!” I will have two, one is my writing and the other… Will FUNDS His Family, for the love of money or simply love

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Log 316 ~Will FUNDS His Family~

Dear Future Wife,
I AM a Billionaire right now. Not Walter White, David A. R. White or White in general but nevertheless a billionaire. Well, I’m sorry, My Love I didn’t mean to get all racial, especially considering us. I will say Happy Mother’s Day, being (Sunday) and start over.

AHEM today, I’m more focused on the What, Why, And How of our fortune. It could be too many Handmaid’s Tale videos on YouTube or Desi Lydic Womansplains. Anyway, you’ve often heard me talk about being rich in three things. Babes, Bucks, and Bullets. Of course, those sometimes change to Biology, Bullion, and Bombs. The thing is, I don’t want to be rich in the methods of death but of life. In the Bible, it says something like, “But the greatest of these is love.” To me, you’re priceless, and yet it scares me to keep thinking of a price. As a “young” man, I was taught that a man must be established. If one seeks an Angel, he must build Heaven, and that’s what I’m doing. Everything we have would be nothing without you. Still, I always want more.

It makes me sound greedy. On Christmas, I’m trying not to be Scrooge. I could be Caesar, for I am ambitious, but why not? You should have everything beautiful in the world, and I’m not. Sooner or later, I’ll believe you when you say I’m a good man. For now, I’ll go with these three little words. I love you, of course, but “A Man Provides.” You and our children, you are My Woman, you and they are My Why, and this is My Way. Okay, I’ve never watched Star Wars: The Mandalorian though I’ve invested in Disney by now.

The big question is HOW and we have had the Lord of War conversation. Again I don’t believe in anything to cause harm, and I don’t hide what I do from you. I do as I please. Only as long as my family is living comfortable, I don’t have to live as a fake anymore, and I’m having fun. You have no idea how it felt to keep my “Day Job” trying to provide for me and my firstborn. I could never go back to that. My dream, My Love, My World, you all are one. Once again, I’m Greedy, Lustful, and found my Pride. Thus Will FUNDS His Family.

I Will Have No Fear

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