Chronicle 022 ~Ringing Up B III~

I don’t like Beyoncé, but I’m more a Survivor than looking for the Single Ladies. Surviving as I am. I still miss B III. One collar is on my nightstand, and the last one is in his bed. I’m not buying anymore and as far as women. Ringing Up B III

Friday, July 23, 2021

Chronicle 022 ~Ringing Up B III~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, but I don’t wear much jewelry. There’s my urn pendant, my high school pendant… wedding band?

There’s a better chance I’ll get a dog’s collar than an engagement ring anytime soon. Carolina Bound asked me about women a couple of weeks back. I still remember I would joke with her that the first woman that B liked I would have to marry. Sorry about that B. M Anime and I were talking about jewelry too a while back. Braxton will never get to meet her. Hell, at the rate she’s been going, I might not get to either. She’s pretty accident-prone. Not that I’m looking “for something dumb to do” with her yet… But Braxton? There’s no story about putting a ring on him. I don’t remember where his first collar came from, the one sitting on my nightstand this second.

My sister gave him a shiny collar once, which broke while she was walking him. She told me she had to chase him all around the neighborhood. We were on the edge of losing him way back then. I remember plenty of people and animals liked him. Loving or Lunch? But, his original collar never let me down. I never looked at it as a mark of ownership but security. Hell, the only time Braxton was ever out of my sight was when he was in the backyard doing what dogs do. I doubt the collar would have helped B. Dammit, my kid was just too cute; somebody would have snatched him right up. I’m glad the backyard fence is standing. My neighbor’s, however, yikes.

Now Braxton’s “Hippy Dippy” collar, I called it, was a gift from the people at The Dog Stop. They must have figured he was looking pretty rough. It was Braxton’s first day of daycare. I’m sure if we were outside the car, Braxton and I would have been fighting, huh. I always made jokes about him being NAKEY without his collar. My heart stopped a few times when his nails would get caught in the ring. I swear B III was helpless and so strong. I’ve said this before, but he was my superhero. PetSmart gave him these little bandanas. The Hippy collar rests in his bed now. I can’t do it, getting another dog, finishing Braxton’s story, or liking it. Ringing Up B III

173 Days Without B III

BLM Braxton’s Life Matters,

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