Chronicle 036 ~Let’s Book It B~

One completed story, well not. I did 50,000 words, but there is so much more to that tale. Only I’m in no rush. Too busy running around the Day Job, such is my Hell, my punishment. Missing good stories and liking “bad” ones. Let’s Book It B

Friday, August 6, 2021

Chronicle 036 ~Let’s Book It B~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, but you still can’t buy time. Where did all the time go today, you ask, hmm?

Sad hours seem long, but I have no story for you. Not one I want to tell anyway. The Day Job, useless, worthless, and nothingness. I wouldn’t even subject my memories of B to that working Hell. That’s what today was, Hell. I’ve said before that whenever I’m in pain. When I feel the world will end (what one’s more)? When I find myself in times of trouble, as the song goes. Lady Sophia, all I need say is one word; Braxton. Then what I’m going through is nothing at all. I continue to tell stories of B III’s strength, his sacrifice, and how he sailed away. Only I can’t even say I looked at his novel after finishing it; what, about a week ago?

I can’t even tell you tales about any Olympic glory. I’ve pretty much given up seeing any of it besides the opening ceremonies. If I’m lucky, I may see the closing but with this week. I couldn’t even get it up to watch wrestling this evening. As if I need one more thing to remember. I could run my mouth to Braxton for a while and make sense of everything. While I’m thinking of all the things, I enjoy all going bye, bye. How about the book I was reading this afternoon. I did finish the novelette for this week. Six Impossible Things and all. Yeah, one more story, though, of how I failed. I’m running from those things, from the world, from the truth.

Stephen King wrote, “God is cruel; sometimes he makes you live.” Desperation. That’s what I did today. M Anime has nightmares she tells me about, and she asks about my dreams. I don’t have nightmares per se because I live mine. Inception, just waking up. Sure some people have it worse. Tony Baker lost his son this week. Now that’s something nobody wants to put down on paper. Children bury parents, Lady Sophia. Time though, what have I been doing with mine? Well, other than re-watching parts of “The Tomorrow War.” Wasn’t it in June? I was all about Spontaneous, but I needed a new story. I don’t know why this one is getting to me. My life story sucks plenty. Let’s Book It B.

187 Days Without B III

BLM Braxton’s Life Matters,

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