Log 124 ~The Intercision Of Will~

When you get two notices from Norton in two weeks, you don’t want to trust anybody, and what about other decisions, it’s like I’m being ripped apart, cut to ribbons, and my little Dæmon is exhausted with my lack of choices. The “Intercision” Of Will.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Log 124 ~The Intercision Of Will~

Hey Lady Lu,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and I don’t want to lie to you. I want to be honest as not to add negative vibes to the universe. Well, that was fun while it lasted. I only had to reread the title once more. Yes, My Lady, the negativity starts early, which explains why I’m so late this morning in our conversation. Today’s problem stems from my indecision, but didn’t I write “Intercision?” Not a fan of the series “His Dark Materials,” well neither am I, the show I mean until December. It starts on November 4th.

Do you know that song “1st of Tha Month,” it’s when I like to pay my bills, then or the end. So I said I was going to sign up for HBO so I could start watching His Dark Materials and maybe Game Of Thrones. Again I’m late, and I’m also a coward or a Scrooge. Take your pick. Next, we have No Nut November, that I’ve lost twice thanks to my habit of Alliteration. Yes Lady Lu I’m blaming English, and also well I better make a LONG list:

  1. Kagney Linn Karter in Delinquents (2010)
  2. Misha Cross in A Whirlwind Of Wickedness! (Jimslip)
  3. Cherry
  4. Sansa Stark, Arya Stark from GOT

Well, not that long, but the Stark sisters remind me of my NaNoWriMo novel, presently untitled. I’m even bringing back Prometheus from “Apocalypse Rush” and of course, the protagonist. Damn (LANGUAGE) might as well be Taki Minase from Bible Black. Arya or rather Maisie Williams will be the love interest. Finally, I need to create a cult that worships the idea of the fear of time, does that make sense.

No, I didn’t think so, but somehow I can come up with a fake world quicker than deciding on my life. I wanted to upgrade one of my drives, but that’s because I want more porn to fit. Why bother to attempt to finish out the month. Here we go again with my problem making any one decision. My little Dæmon is lying here as exhausted as his human. Let’s see how long I keep calling my Firstborn that, see if it takes. If anything, I feel separated from myself, and since I did 4,600 words yesterday I could afford rest. Now the answer is no, though, but you know with The Intercision Of Will.

I Will Have No Fear

Lesson 331 ~If It Exists, There’s Porn~

I won’t take credit for this rule or a lot of them to be sure, but this one is a fundamental concept when it comes to being online, and at least I know the law, the rules unlike some in our government. “If It Exists, There’s Porn”

Monday, May 28, 2018

Lesson 331 ~If It Exists, There’s Porn~

Thirty-Fourth Rule Madam Justice

Can You Love Me Again, even as I sit here and reiterate one of the fundamental rules that guide the Internet; I can only still estimate what brought about my fear, but my introduction to this concept was “Tenchi Muyo!” and movie channels.

One can only imagine who came up with this rule, indeed how do I come up with mine Two Hundred And Forty-Six and you know the plan is Three Hundred And Sixty-Five but this single rule governs many men. You know I have been working on my poetry compilation and every girl who made that list some time ago has porn online albeit a few fakes, but you would think that some of the actresses would crack down on this maybe. I’ve seen designers upset that game girls are used in such ways but again nobody honestly stops it and with how the government has been cracking down on escorts and brothels recently… does that offend you more than dead children, hell nearly everybody nowadays.

We are all trying to live in a fantasy because the real world; I don’t know anymore but I’ll admit, I’m a slave to it myself. Here I haven’t watched one episode of “Game Of Thrones,” but I have at least three actresses in what “Cherry” calls my spank bank, Pinterest. Before you shoot me; a dirty look, check out all the girls, cosplayers, “Killer And A Sweet Thang” anime, movies, Cherry herself. I’ve even had a mom send me a naked picture, any woman that says she doesn’t want someone to find her attractive physically is a liar but “#metoo.” If I told you half the things I’ve looked up from Sunday to now, my what you would think, the lesser being those girls from “Detroit: Become Human” Kara and North, coming soon possibly.

Maybe the real world has become nothing more than one big porno or at least a strip club and like everything else we want to record it, HD, CG, 3D, hell IMAX and if it’s between sex and death I will choose the former. In both, the stakes keep getting bigger though because nobody wants the rule of law, the rules, and you know what kind of guy I am Madam Justice, people make me worse because I don’t hide but I should I think.

Sometimes at least and I take my sickest, vilest, most depraved and perverted desires and lock them away but if you ask me I’m an open book, free and open Internet for everybody but still If It Exists, There’s Porn.

I Will Have No Fear