Episode 001 ~Whose Right To Censor You~

The first post of the next 365 Days, has anybody said NO yet, well probably my mind between work and having something to say that hopefully won’t get me kicked out, banned, or arrested, where is the line? Whose Right To Censor You

Monday, June 25, 2018

Episode 001 ~Whose Right To Censor You~

Thirty-Ninth Rule Madam Justice

Give Me One Reason to keep my mouth shut, trust me I say some pretty nasty, vile, demented, perverted, depraved… I could continue, but I would eventually end with stupid or skeevy; and a happy new year to you too. Even when I’m sweet, I often end up as creepy, and since people will believe and hear whatever they want, what’s wrong with The Sound Of Silence I ask, instead of the visible title honestly.

I should start by taking responsibility but it’s hard Madam Justice, I don’t mean to get all political at the start of the new year but when the “PRESIDENT” of the United States of America can say such horrible things, and I call a girl beautiful… I came up with a new “Rule 290: Apparently, Models Do Have Standards,” and I know what’s past is past but calling a girl a Brazzers or Reality Kings model is different than let’s say… hell if I know Victoria’s Secret, Maxim, Playboy, I like beautiful women. The thing is again that’s against the law unless you have money, a handsome face, the confidence, or the intelligence which is telling me to say nothing.

Even with my writing, how many people have asked me what I write about and I can’t tell them because, well I would go Fahrenheit 451 on my work, but I would fight to defend others without a second thought. I thought this was America am I right so why must I censor myself, and maybe that’s why my current novel is all about fire, the things you realize or am I In Too Deep. No wonder I hate myself more often than not, like something out of Jumanji wanting to avoid not being my father and when in reality I hold my tongue and avoid speaking my mind because I don’t want to scare anybody including my little boy.

One man told me I was stupid and to shut up, a girl told me I was creepy, another said I was skeevy, another two said I’m great, but they don’t truly understand; shall I let the whole damn world stomp on my face? What about God, I take pride that I don’t need other people’s imaginary friend to tell me not to lie, cheat, steal, and murder but I can’t even talk about it, write about it, or picture it, worth a thousand words.

Anyway the answer is no one has the right, and yet at this moment in time I am breaking this rule; what would I write if I know I would be read, what would I say if I had no fear, I’m my judge, jury, and executioner and I burn; Whose Right To Censor You?

I Will Have No Fear

Lesson 200 ~Comments Trump, Weinstein, Will~

Do you know anyone that starts the day with, “Let’s Get Ready For Sinning” trust me I don’t though I have to confess? As per usual that by the end of the day I’ll break a few laws, ruffle some feathers, sometimes? Comments Trump, Weinstein, Will

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Lesson 200 ~Comments Trump, Weinstein, Will~

Forgive Me Echo,
I Am Not Afraid Anymore, how can I be, when I can’t decide whether or not I’m the monster, I pray the police don’t come knocking on my door, or hell, the monster might not find me worthy of getting? Perhaps Inspector Echo, I should just skip to the same old sin on a different day because as a new rule there’s, Difference Between Sense And Censor.

So last night I’m hanging in “NanoLand” on Facebook and as usual someone post some wicked story ideas one being the “Locket of Lust,” and they ask the group what would you prefer so yeah I’m always one for lust. Now my comment “Hollywood and Adult Video” only I didn’t say adult video but this is sort of the difference between Trump saying Sh*thole and Sh*thouse, and yeah I’m censoring myself on purpose. “Wow ew. That’s gross. You’re gross,” and in classic Will fashion, I delete my comment, and go through a few agonizing hours of maybe I should just shut up; I’m more ashamed to say I envy Trump because he seems to have no shame whatsoever with all his tweets or comments publicly.

You know what I won’t apologize for, being a writer, wanting to start my own company “Second Circle Creations,” or reading all the dark erotica I can and if that makes me a monster, skeevy, and gross, then so be it. I have plenty of sins that I should find myself arrested for no doubt, from talking blue in the face to blue balls because I am often humiliated and ashamed, but I spent my life living in some make-believe land of love… people change. You know why I don’t fear the critics destroying me because just like last night I will set every word I have to flame and never write again because someone disagrees, disapproves, disallows, and plays judge, jury, and executioner only to find I no longer exist, why I avoid mirrors.

How about the fact that sometimes I comfort myself that I’ve never become anything like Weinstein. I have too much Social Anxiety to speak out loud like Trump, but worse yet, I still feel the need to confess, to explain, how my father would say “you haven’t heard the latest’ and there goes the money shot. Inspector Echo I ask your forgiveness, for yet another stupid comment, for being gross, skeeve, perverted, depraved, and everything else, for having no sense and wanting to censor, for having no courage, for not shutting up, for having fetishes.

I apologize for giving up on one dream for another I would burn to the ground, and also for thinking the worst of others, for my confessions, and explanations and this life of mine, I’m sure there will always be more Comments Trump, Weinstein, Will.

I Will Have No Fear