Log 172 ~Will And Unfinished Productions~

Will, I honestly leave so many things unfinished at the end of this year, indeed the decade; I still have eleven days to come up with some final words, and no not like that, I’m not done yet. “Will And Unfinished Productions”

Friday, December 20, 2019

Log 172 ~Will And Unfinished Productions~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and that’s because I can close. The truth is, I’m also a writer, and that usually means starting in the middle and fighting my way out. Now I know where I’m beginning, Second Circle Creations. You also see the ending, but that’s better left to “others.”

I call myself a traditionalist, but you can also add perfectionist. Most people would say there’s no such thing is perfect. Well, I’m also a Star Wars fan, and it was a decade before I was born. When it comes to the path I’ve chosen for my life, it begins with one word, Willie. I’m sure I’ve told you the story, the first words I ever remember writing. Afterward, running to my aunt and asking what did it say. My name, and since then, it’s always been about what other people think about what I’ve written down. Even the title, the word Willie, it’s how I identify. How about as in giving somebody the willies. I could talk about the guiding force in my life, which of the seven deadly sins directs. Where there’s a will, God’s will, Iron Will, the “wheel” of destiny, or steel, what is my Will?

I want people to read, and yet I don’t publish any books. People have made it quite difficult for me to speak. My words, if they don’t find stagnation in my files, are sitting in police cabinets. Lost to me on a young woman’s blog, I don’t dare go to ever. There are the ones that die in my mind as soon as I think of them. Some I wish that I could take back. You can see last night as an example, smarting off to my mother, then again? Lady Sophia, I even hid my thoughts from yesterday morning from fear of being abandoned.

It would serve me right with all the stories that I’ve left wanting. The thing is I don’t want to be like “My President,” my words coming back to bite me over and over. I don’t want some universal hatred like the Game Of Thrones finale, (sigh). Every day I play Far Cry 5, and my character dies in the STUPIDEST ways (shudders). I don’t want to be like Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and leave myself so unfulfilled.

The truest sentence, that’s me, not Will And Unfinished Productions.

I Will Have No Fear

Episode 304 ~A Little Heart Will~

The novel I just finished didn’t require that much heart *ahem* 50,000 words in less than thirty days and the blog that I have kept up for nearly two years daily, yeah that was balls too but to have real strength and courage. A Little Heart Will

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Episode 304 ~A Little Heart Will~

Forgive Me Echo,
I AM a Millionaire right now, and as the theme has become, money can make anyone beautiful. Or if you happen to be white, a Republican, a police officer, the list goes on. Now I don’t mean to get too “woke” right off the bat. No, I’m talking about the little things.

Yesterday I wanted to say something, and today I’m not sure I’ll let this stand. Well speaking of which, I’m out of bed after getting food poisoning from McDonald’s (yes I said it). Still, why is it I’m surprised by the power of germs, zombies, plague, death cure? The same can for sugar, these past few days I’ve had a sugar crash. So you either recover and eat something substantial or you pound in more sugar to stay on your feet every day. Only then right back to bed without delay. Well, I can’t do that today. I got a ticket to a free movie tonight. With as much bullshit (LANGUAGE) that Gofobo delivers, hell I’m a man and an American. I love free because for damn sure freedom ain’t free, not going there now.

No, I’ll stick with being a man, and while I was never one for big butts, no offense to Sir Mix-a-Lot. If I have three weakness when it comes to females, it’s brunette/dark/red hair, shaving downstairs, and nice boobs. Ha at this rate nipples, because breasts are everywhere. The powers of the UNIVERSE. I have to stick with one million dollars and happy vibes. Now let’s talk about three things, money, sex, and violence, all have been on my mind lately. What with entertainment, my novel, and the day job. Only the little things have been gathering; my inbox is over two hundred. I have my son. I worry about my phone (bad parenting). I’m even losing time. I swear I thought finishing my novel would mean a proper bedtime.

Now, this is where the rubber makes “it’s landfall” Inspector Echo. Like most badass black men wanting to make it I admire Tony Montana to a certain degree. He had lines he wouldn’t cross namely hurting a man’s woman and child. Again I’m not a Republican or any political official Joe Biden. I know some women, I have said things that have hurt them but never in my life have I brought up a family. I keep to myself when I have mentioned something. Sigh, I sent one mom a Butterfree (still not over that) mother and daughter and blocked. I told another her child was a good artist, that went over well. I said some skeevy things to a girl with a dog I’ll admit (nor that one either).

My point is yes I know what True Teen Babes is. I am a fan of Vault Girls. There are specific genres of hentai I find abhorrent, but I still know typecast series. Know all that is fiction. Sorry but not today, my courage, happy vibes, A Little Heart Will.

I Will Have No Fear