Log 303 ~In Lust Will Trust~

Just waking up or heading to bed, a late night shower, or before having to deal with people in the plague era. I tell myself it could always be worse, and I don’t have to ask the question, “Am I A Psycho,” great song by the way. “In Lust Will Trust.”

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Log 303 ~In Lust Will Trust~

Forgive Me Echo,
I AM a Billionaire right now. Well, that’s because I don’t drink, though if I were a chick… Yes, I know Inspector Echo, that’s disrespectful to women. One more addiction I have, right? Well, I don’t smoke, I’ve never done HARD drugs. Unlike people in this day and age, I’ve never been addicted to social life. Hell several books written, none published. My blog will have been around three years in a few months. My poetry phase about The Winx Club when I was on LSD. I wish I could say I was only addicted to writing.

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  3. Katee Owen
  4. Holly Bryn
  5. Elizabeth Hurley
  6. Alyssa Milano
  7. Holly Marie Combs (Breaking Point)

Again I’m not a drinker. I figured alcoholics would drink anything for their buzz. As for me, you see, I’m always one for the “Top Shelf” HELLO. Not funny, but I do have a problem. With all this time off, I could start back with Brainbuddy, but like the WWE Network, I wouldn’t be watching it. Of course, I’ve started seeing ads again for Covenant Eyes, but “THEY” also think I’m a Republican and a Trump Supporter. Now let me say some things about Trump and watch me get into trouble. No Inspector Echo I go no further than the second circle. You know how Bruce Banner said That’s my secret, Cap. I’m always angry.

That’s my secret, Inspector. I’m always horny. Only yesterday, I was trying to convince myself that’s what love is… I’m not wrong. There’s no question.

Love is wild, insatiable, insane, at times, immoral. Don’t believe me, let something harm My Dæmon, and see that I won’t burn this world to ash to protect him. Anger, though, I can let go. We’re still amidst the plague, which is keeping me away from people for the most part. Lust though is everywhere, and I’ve told you before I can’t be the typical guy. One of those, see a naked girl, nut, and go to bed. I didn’t know who Katee Owen and Holly Bryn were until last night. If anything, that’s why I want to make LUST my profession because I practice, it’s not a phase, and I write plenty of prose.

Is it destroying me, though? I’m better than this, sorry, but In Lust Will Trust.

I Will Have No Fear

Log 296 ~Prose And Political Willies~

I should really consider making a pseudonym, I mean I’m not a rich white guy that can say STUPID things or a pretty woman that can say naughty ones. Yet here I am, worried about my “writing” and the fate of the country. “Prose And Political Willies.”

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Log 296 ~Prose And Political Willies~

Forgive Me Echo,
I AM a Billionaire right now, which means this moment, I would be involved in both. With all the fears I hold upon this Earth, why go about making more, right? Well, of course, with finishing yet one more novel, I need something to worry about. Am I sick, is some girl mad at me, will I be able to sleep tonight? Yes, I still remember, I’m supposed to be worrying about My Dæmon. My words, though, are like my money; when I think I’m beginning to catch up… And It’s Gone.

Has there ever been a day in my life where there was nothing? It’s the very reason I stay in bed come “The Day.” It’s sort of a throwback to being safe and warm before I was introduced to the world. Don’t ask me how that popped up, I should be talking about my novel that no one will ever read. I’m worried that it will be one more story that dies like my Six Impossible Things list every week. I still have until the end of the month for editing, and then what? Will I go back to blaming my Day Job once again?

Hell will I even have a job; reminds me I need to watch the CEO’s message. I know I still owe you an explanation as to why I think this all happened, plague and everything. Last night while I was still basking in the glow of my finished work, I got mad. It was a bid to avoid this morning’s feelings. This country is a screwed up place. Where doctors who are trying to save lives have to now stand against those who couldn’t care less? Ask me why should I be concerned? Other than the stores being empty and the new rules, I was living inside anyway whenever I got the chance. If I was getting sick, why did I make it to the table today? Again it’s a sin to find one problem, project, or penis erecting babe to take my mind off of everything else. You won’t hold it against me to say “penis” after my “PORN.”

How dare I call it erotica? Still, I’m the bad guy while others doom the world. How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, I should start reading again, that helps?

For now, I’m sorry, Inspector Echo; Prose and Political Willies.

I Will Have No Fear

Log 186 ~Prose Vs. Con Will~

There’s always another book to read because there is still another day to live, so why not get lost in the lives of others, and I’m not a prisoner but it’s best I do continue that thought. Prose Vs. Con Will, or not

Friday, January 3, 2020

Log 186 ~Prose Vs. Con Will~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and I continue to remember the rule. “Just the facts, Ma’am,” should have joined my 365 Rules. Anyway, when I was a child, I fell in love with reading. It’s like my “friendship” with A&W. It happened out of the blue. Unlike A&W, though, I understand reading has a purpose. Besides becoming an adult, there are things I need to block out, bad things, as the song goes, Hard Times. Most of all, reading removes FEAR or delivers some other conduit.

At the start of the New Year, again, I ask myself to be ambitious and bold. I’m always one for a good quote, but we’ll get to that. So how about it, four or five books for January? Speaking with Dirty Diana, I’ve begun reading Naughty Little Christmas by Lili Valente. After that, I’ll reread The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson. Now that novel is on my top five list of all time, no doubt. The erotica novel group I’m in has begun reading Siren by Hazel Grace. While on Twitter, I watched a few clips from Twilight, but I have never read the series. The Hunger Games, Divergent, at least two from The Maze Runner but never Twilight. I want to get into a new series, but when I can go back to back. I still tell myself stories at night as I go to sleep; it helps me plenty.

Last night it was Testy Festy and Prairie Oyster Harvest from Far Cry 5. You know I’m not particular when it comes to food. When it comes to delicacies, though, well talk about good writing because Far Cry 5 made me curious. Now last year, I wrote a list of words that were again bad. It’s fantastic the list of terms that set me ablaze in the right way. You remember how I would light up when “Okay” would text. I’m happy to see she’s getting married. Cherry is on the mend, and Indiana Gone is living her happily ever after. As much as I admire villains, I am always a sucker for a love story and again HEA. FEAR, though, didn’t I say another conduit. M Anime has me looking up another F Word Fibromyalgia. Let me end on a good note, though. She talked about having “Crazy Thoughts.”

Crazy, the best people are, another reason I read and write, Prose Vs. Con Will.

I Will Have No Fear