Chronicle 117 ~Will B Decorating Soon~

Stores are filled with holiday crap these days. It’s meant to bring out our touchy-feely nature. I’m still mad at having to put down new floor mats at the Day Job. Hell B’s life was new comfy spots. Let me close my eyes. “Will B Decorating Soon”

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Chronicle 117 ~Will B Decorating Soon~

Dear Future Wife,
I AM a Billionaire right now, which means whatever you want for the house for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. Listen to the woman

That’s a piece of advice I won’t ever forget. Next to how my Ma taught me how to cook shrimp and also make tartar sauce. The lessons on how to make a house into a home. All I know for sure is, A Man Provides. Please tell me I’ve done that these past 268 Days. Sometimes I don’t recognize this house anymore. I’ve known people who have suffered such loss and have to move away. Anyone tells me that Braxton was just a dog… well, there’s a reason I got myself a gun, and I don’t go near it. Hell Braxton rests high above it. On the nightstand, the Box, his hair, my pendant with some of his ashes. But how about the wall, hmm?

What about the tattoo I talk about every week? I was reminded of it today (Saturday) by my third best friend. Braxton, of course, is first, then you, then her. Well, I’ve been in trouble a lot over Braxton. I’m still cringing about the former Day Job and those mats. “JSS,” Just Survive Somehow, she told me. Some framed pics, a chest, a photobook, a stand. I have the first book I wrote for Braxton. I’d like to write another and have other dog books. I never knew how much stuff Braxton had, and here I am, willing to give up everything or plenty because I don’t want to lose you or my family. It’s why I embraced the holidays. They’re easier than my loss.

I’m no repairman or decorator. While being Daddy to our kids brings the greatest joy. A house is not a home without a dog. Or a cat, other furries as well. I’m a dog person. And a spoiled one at that. I saw this black beagle mix named Shay today at Petsmart, who looked so scared. Braxton was meant to be an accessory for my sis, but Shay’s place, um? At least she matched my clothes. Yes, I know a gift for the kids but ask my father about a family pet. Yeah, that’s right, you’ll never meet him. My father taints whatever I love. Loving another Chihuahua, of course. I’m a snob in beauty, in books, and bringing doggies home. Will B Decorating Soon

268 Days Without B III

BLM Braxton’s Life Matters,

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