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Episode 178 ~A Professional Eraser Will~

Writer’s Block, yeah in a way because I have no clue what I was thinking today and then we had yesterday, I broke out of my place, got into a present, and of course cracked open one more book, and became someone else, sigh. A Professional Eraser Will

Episode 171 ~Just Facts It Will~

The good thing about writing fiction is I can tell myself a story every night and tomorrow morning and then when it comes to setting my fingers to the task suddenly I have writer’s block so let me tell the truth. Just Facts It Will

Episode 164 ~The Dogs Of Will~

Warriors Come Out And Write, or maybe I should be reading, yes definitely but I was busy fighting back sleep and losing might I add, didn’t even take an energy shot today but war leaves destruction. The Dogs Of Will

Episode 157 ~Willing To Waste Words~

How I thought I was wasting words with my novel but one week out and the words are still going nowhere except to the wrong people, the day job, a few porn sites and Pinterest must hate me I’m sure. Willing To Waste Words

Episode 150 ~Will Took So Long~

It’s a little earlier tonight, but I still won’t be getting a full night’s sleep, eight hours, six, funny, but if I even get three and tomorrow I should be done with NaNoWriMo, one more novel but honestly *sigh* Will Took So Long.

Episode 143 ~Before My Willing Embarrassment~

As the song goes, I’m gonna wait ’til the midnight hour, although it’s way past that; at least I don’t have work, and this is probably the only time I wish I did despite not wanting to get fired, humiliation though? “Before My Willing Embarrassment”

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