Episode 171 ~Just Facts It Will~

The good thing about writing fiction is I can tell myself a story every night and tomorrow morning and then when it comes to setting my fingers to the task suddenly I have writer’s block so let me tell the truth. Just Facts It Will

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Episode 171 ~Just Facts It Will~

Forgive Me Echo,
How To Make One Million Dollars, for all my “creativity,” “originality,” and porno acumen the FACT is I lack Discipline, Direction, and sigh Desire because I’m still here though the jury is out on my embarrassment, ego, and evil… such “good intentions.”

Now we’ll get to those Inspector Echo, first let’s talk about what happened Monday which I’m still torn up about, my Social Anxiety, Bipolar Depression, OCD… all in my head right, okay so my manager asks me to give this girl (I’ve never met) a hard tag remover. So I walk to the front of the store, see a girl working with a customer and I hang around for five minutes trying to read her name tag because I’m HORRIFIED to ask her name (eyes getting better, nope). Anyway, I end up leaving the device on the farthest register away from her and then coming back to the house; don’t get me started on why they don’t want me opening the store, hell my ANXIETY is libel to get the place robbed, hating my life.

I’m not the only one that loathes MY life, what about my parents; the things they must tell themselves; the house I ran to, they bought, because telling blessed, black, believers that your son is in a mental institution or dead would be too much. Speaking of too much and people I don’t talk to regularly, remember that year I wrote to “REALDOLL” hoping I might get one, $$$ well guess where some of my money is going this year.

Aren’t I suppose to be numbering sins… anyway while I’m counting dollars you say why don’t I give money to charity; now that is a big question but quickly I give money to writers (NaNoWriMo), women (Friends, Workers, Sex or Otherwise), and my world, Step Into A World. I didn’t even get my mother a gift and her birthday was on Dec. 16 and as far as Christmas goes, would I say I hate it, but I bought gifts for all the other women in my life, now if that ain’t a sin. The last fact of the day is how little I know about myself or the fact that everything I want for Christmas is still impossible, immoral, illegal or insane, case and point some girl saying Let Me Be Your, Siren, or Detroit: Become Human; what I bought it for someone else right.

So may you forgive me Echo my apparent lack of triple D’s but abundance of E’s, my embarrassing workday which goes to show why I will not go up for promotion, though I owe so many, my charitable connotations, I am grateful to my mother dearly but what a child she gave to the world, a man… didn’t I say Echo, Just Facts It Will.

I Will Have No Fear

Lesson 111 ~Will’s Write of Way~

Why aren’t you writing, well what do I call this, like today walking around my job trying to drown myself at the water fountain because I was in pain, I suppose people look at my writing in much the same way. Will’s Write of Way, just the facts.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Lesson 111 ~Will’s Write of Way~

Hey Lady Sophia
No Fear, at least not anymore, still I wonder what scares me more the truth or the fiction, it has definitely been the truth that has been wearing me out honestly when it comes to my own writing. I heard somewhere if you have a choice between the truth and the legend, then always print the legend but still reality and today.

“Indiana Gone” might kick my ass for not working on my own novel… again but I can write excuses like nobody’s business so what shall it be today? I honestly put in a solid eight hours, what’s to be said for any man that does that, isn’t that just the way of the world? My writing technically is only supposed to take seven but that doesn’t pay well, or even at all not to mention all the spam lately, which brings up another point, what about my blog lately *sigh*.

Having to wake up at two in the morning isn’t helping the cause but you want the truth, how about this, why wake up at two for a job I hate and yet lie on my ass until who knows when for something I actually enjoy doing, somedays at least. That also brings up why I’m not reading today either, did I mention eight hours and then having to do this bout of honesty, if anything at least I have been keeping my word to write every day even if it’s crap. Don’t get me started but I’m looking at that candy bar I had for breakfast; what I always have one at work but that will be another rule at some point, food plus my anxiety equals no fun.

Then there’s my wannabe, Casanova antics, okay maybe I shouldn’t go that far but I haven’t been this busy with women since the days of America Online, may it R.I.P. now a day doesn’t go by when I’m not busy not getting busy, did I just show my age? Last but not least all this new hacking this and gotta be careful that, sometimes I wish I could go back to before the internet and writing god knows how many pages of a novel involving turkeys overtaking the whole world.

If anything at least I’m writing, not a lesson but always a statement of fact because of my creativity… truth is Will’s Write of Way.

I Will Have No Fear

A Glass of Will

Choking on my own spit, on my own tears… well let’s not go that far but I still feel pretty bad about the things I couldn’t say yesterday and the things I know today but of course there is no one to tell. A Glass of Will, courage is within.

When I was a child my mom called me a hard head
See I don’t want to lie
or didn’t you know I bleed red
No, because I’m not like you, so you deny
this body will someday die
while you’ll still be talking out your ass
If I could speak to you, I’d say, I’d try
My Jaw’s not made of glass

As my eyes have said worse things instead,
could I be ever so wise
to keep secret, the things I do in bed
because I don’t look like those other guys
Better to be the friend, not gay, but nice and shy
Ask forgiveness than permission, yet I was crass
Now ask me why?
My Jaw’s not made of glass

Though my words may be brittle and led
by desire, greed, my story no Pulitzer prize
more the lyrics of “Right Said Fred”,
I’m too sexy to chastise,
too sexy for… shoo flies
don’t bother me, when “Suddenly”, “At Last”
I cry
My Jaw’s not made of glass

“Eyes Wide Shut” mouth open wide
Apologies have long passed
stuttering My, My, My
My Jaw’s not made of glass

Copyright © 2017, Will A. Bradford Jr. All rights reserved.