Saga 065 ~Heat’s On B, V~

The Heat Is On, the song goes. While I deserve it… well, until I sojourn in the ninth circle for what happened to B III. Virgil, I’m sure, is burning up in his fur coat. And here I am burning through cash. I’m no FAN of this existence. Heat’s On B, V

Sunday, September 4, 2022

Saga 065 ~Heat’s On B, V~

To Will:
I AM a Billionaire right now, which means I’m in trouble. The bad news is, so are you. Without money to fix it…

To be fair, I couldn’t get off my ass Saturday to try and make you more comfortable. So, I’m sorry. It’s called Clash At The Castle. For you, it will be Worlds Collide. Funny with how much you pay attention to wrestling, ha-ha. And now this has become so important. Hell! It could be that you don’t want Virgil to suffer alone. At least you can take your shirt off while he’s stuck in his fur coat. You’ve even damned Braxton to Hell on occasion. Considering it’s where you’re ending up. Fuck! You feel like one of those ass clowns that leave their fur babies in a hot car. Only here, you are too STUPID to know how to open a window. Six Impossible Things:

  1. I WILL BE Finishing Dante’s Inferno… Could Be
  2. I WILL BE Finishing Gathering, My Braxton’s Albums
  3. I WILL BE Finishing Gulp Off To Be Published
  4. I WILL BE Keeping It In My Pants (Day 005 No Fap) Real Girls Are An Exception
    Failed (Day 001 No Fap)
  5. I WILL BE Getting A Tattoo Of My Son Little B III
  6. I WILL BE The Man My Son Thinks I Am

Yeah, right now, you’re more like Mad Max. “So I exist in this wasteland, reduced to one instinct: survive.” You even think of yourself as a man! No. Picture Ellie from The Last of Us, “Endure and Survive.” That would be acceptable if it were only you but Virgil. He doesn’t deserve this. Virgil deserves air conditioning and a proper bed. A goddamn fan, for God’s sake. And, of course, you found one way to keep Braxton pretty cool. Remember. Low blow! I apologize. Trying to keep yourself cool with the memory of your Treachery. But besides your environment, there is so much to be heated about. And with what is coming this week. Talk about drawing the short straw. And these Six Impossible Things:

SPECIAL EDITION: Emergence, Existence Week

  1. I WILL BE Finishing, Something To Be Determined…
  2. I WILL BE Finishing A Shopping Trip To Help Virgil Vivi Stay Cool
  3. I WILL BE Making An Attempt At Getting Anything Published To Make Some Cash
  4. I WILL BE VIGILANT For Sexual Endeavors, For E-Day, Somehow, Someway (Sigh)
  5. I WILL BE VALUED If Only To Myself By Finding A Prize E-Day
  6. I WILL BE VALIANT, So I Maybe The Man My Son Thinks I Am

For a minute there, or should I say an hour? You thought you got lucky. So I forgot to set the alarm, and you spent that hour in blissful ignorance. Sue me. So then you could afford a way to keep Virgil and yourself cool. I did the math yesterday, and it’s not looking good. But this big week is like that. Even the Hell, which is the Day Job, has AC. Now that’s sad. As much as we all deserve punishment, Virgil does not. You were up at two AM when he started to cry, and you brought him under the fan that’s been spinning nonstop for a week. All so I could write these words that should be burned. Heat’s On B, V

581 Days Without B III, Day 022 of Virgil’s Arrival

BLM Braxton’s Life Matters,

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