Chronicle 291 ~Kindness Beats Right On Occasion~

I know this isn’t the RIGHT time, and I’m KIND of sick now. Hell, I haven’t been right for 442 days. And kindness has never been my forte when everybody I see daily is a… well, moving on. Kindness Beats Right On Occasion

Monday, April 18, 2022

Chronicle 291 ~Kindness Beats Right On Occasion~

Two-Hundred and Thirty-Sixth Rule

Madam Justice
I AM a Billionaire right now, so even if I look or am being STUPID, shitty, perhaps skeevy, money and might make right.

I can say that I want to feel right at this moment. But I’m settling for kindness. Of course, what’s that going to net me? Even talking to you right now, Madam Justice isn’t any kindness. It’s only, what’s right, because I’m time traveling, so you know what that means? Monday, I’m anything but kind because I need to be right. If I’m not right, I’m wrong, and you know how I see that. As the song goes, “I feel STUPID.” But this particular moment? Yeah, you guessed it, I feel sick, silent, and sinful. Is it a kindness to try and save me in such a manner? Or would it be right to spend money I don’t have to get the help I need?

I was kind to my boy in his last days. Considering how I am with most people, I was kind to him always. Hell, it wasn’t kindness; it was outright love. Hatred does the unthinkable. When it comes to love and hate, all I’ve heard in life. In the end Madam, “love conquers all.” But hatred dilutes it. Call it my Republican tendencies; everything I said about being a billionaire and such, but I’m not. In a way, I’m worse. I’m indifferent at times (sigh) selfish. I cover it up by saying I’m doing the right thing. But like happy what about right? Madam, if I had been right, Braxton would be alive, but I needed his kindness, and I gave mine back to him.

It’s always been my theory that I could afford such kindness once everything is right. Yeah, being kind to Braxton’s aunt, to Cherry, to M Anime. Kindness to myself, well, a specific part anyway, but am I being right? Keeping Braxton alive… kindness and right. Now, if you asked me what would feel right today? Monday, let’s go back four months before the Tifa Lockhart dress. Oh, and let’s not forget Zoe Colletti. Strawberry Blonde… I wouldn’t be all out of sorts. My pain would be on trying to hear out my right ear now. No, what would be right is to be punished for all I’ve done. God is cruel, kind, love; who knows. Call living this way, right? Kindness Beats Right On Occasion

442 Days Without B III

BLM Braxton’s Life Matters,

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