Saga 054 ~B Making Mistakes V~

A mistake is my waking up this morning. It’s telling Virgil he’ll be fine when he’s hacking up a storm like B would before his meds. It’s wanting desperately to believe in reincarnation. How about calling “family” for anything? “B Making Mistakes V.”

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Saga 054 ~B Making Mistakes V~

Forgive Me Echo,
I AM a Billionaire right now… Chasing the money is a mistake. But compared to all the other ones in my existence.

Of course, I’ll always bring up the greatest mistake I made. I killed Braxton. Inspector, I’m going to be doing a lot of crying today. My first tears should always be for my boy. And speaking of boys, what about Virgil? I’m a bad man Inspector; thus, my weekly confessions. Oh, and fuck you, Hemingway. LY-words. I swear what’s wrong with them; pardon my French.

Regarding speaking, Virgil hasn’t had one day without a coughing fit or several. And what am I doing to help him? Billionaires make a lot of mistakes, human-wise. But with fur babies? Haven’t I said before I’m broke? I’m losing more and more by the day. And I’m making excuses… The “Walk in” contract and “Soul Braiding.” Talk about reincarnation

But before I can think of finding an “animal communicator,” There’s today’s great fear, E. He’s coming. My old man. Wasn’t that the problem? And now he has to see his mistake of a son and why? I paid $380 for something that broke in less than two weeks. I’ll burn. Inspector, I ain’t paying again when this was all him, but what about Virgil’s environment. 11 days Inspector and I’m not sending him back. As much as everything screams such. So, can I keep him away from my “father?” What will he think? And V with his coughing? There is a reason Braxton and I are family, all alone. Two against the world, Inspector. Tell me, is it a mistake? This seems like punishment.

Is it my ass is finally getting Jobed as in the “Book of Job.” But I’m not one for God. Inspector, my body is wracked with sickness, and my head is fucked up with grossness. Hell! I didn’t tell you what I did yesterday, but (sigh) I’m starting back at one again. I swear porn really is the Devil next to my “father.” Inspector, again I’ll burn than spend money. I’m losing tons of it every day. There is still V to consider, and if things keep up this way? What happened to Braxton is my greatest sin, but you see the date, Inspector? Fuck! Waking up to this another year, every single morning… NOPE! Why make more mistakes, Inspector Echo? B Making Mistakes V

570 Days Without B III, Day 011 of Virgil’s Arrival

BLM Braxton’s Life Matters,

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