Saga 053 ~Dating B To V~

I wait for the day I meet my wife. I can’t tell you the day I met B. I got Virgil’s papers from when I got him. And as for loving myself… the day I stopped doing that was an E-Day before I turned 10. Life dates. Dates with girls. “Dating B To V”

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Saga 053 ~Dating B To V~

Dear Future Wife,
I AM a Billionaire right now. But what date did I become one? As you’ve seen, the last 569 days weren’t great.

But the day I met you… I’m not an idiot. No man in his right mind would ask his wife such a question. Their wedding anniversary, birthday, Valentine… Remember. Baby Doll, this might get me killed, but this is one more thing you have over Braxton. I don’t know the day I met him. As far as Virgil is concerned, I’ve got the paperwork. Dammit! I’m still angry about yesterday, or was it the day before, delving into Virgil’s existence? There is always the question of my own, with Existence/Emergence Day coming soon enough. Only there’s time, and I don’t feel like getting into it today. There’s always tomorrow if I don’t tick you off. Hell! Am I that anxious to join my B III?

If I keep on about the first time I took him for a walk. How about our first solo trip to the vet? Or the first day I knew I would be carrying him down the stairs. And the worst day. Many of those are coming up, not only with our two-legged kids. But the furry one, sleeping in the next room as well. And again, I look at Virgil’s paperwork, and I cringe. Would the cure for that be to take you out? Again I’m no fool, but when we first started dating… Well, for the record, I wish I could do something like “Falling In Love With the Girl Next Door.” A picnic in a graveyard… nice. “Things You See In A Graveyard.”

Like Trinity in “The Matrix,” you fell in love with a dead man. And for 569 days, I have loved a dead man. I watch Virgil, and he reminds me of some women. He gets sick any time I touch him. I can’t take him anywhere yet. And to buy him anything. A collar? Can’t buy me love right as I look at the choker you wear and when’s the last time you got to wear your… never mind. To be honest, yes, I have been in a somewhat Fifty Shades of Grey mood. But my pleasure, my lust for you. Oh, angel of mine, I must ask. When have I ever loved myself? To take myself out? Not like that! Dating B To V

569 Days Without B III, Day 010 of Virgil’s Arrival

BLM Braxton’s Life Matters,

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