Lesson 138 ~We Bought A Harem~

Somebody once said, go into a business where you’ll always be needed and somebody else said, all you need is love so that sounds like a plan. We Bought A Harem and I want to “um yeah her, her and a few more hers” like animals, biology sigh?

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Lesson 138 ~We Bought A Harem~


Come In Dirty Diana,
No Fear, besides you have the numbers and I think I’m understanding that song “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails a little bit better… as if I didn’t already. Now haven’t I said before that I don’t share but having two girls at the same time is on my Fucket List, along with visiting a red light district, brothel, harem, whatever people are calling them these days… The Moonlite Bunny Ranch possibly.

If I was going to live the dream though, another part of “Second Circle Creations” is that I would want to own one eventually. Don’t ask me how it blossomed from two what fourteen different women, yeah I haven’t published my book yet have I? Haven’t I also mentioned I can be a selfish, greedy, dick or maybe we can just call it delusions of grandeur but you can always go with biology as well.

Don’t get me wrong I believe in love strangely enough and in monogamy but these are concepts that came about because someone has an agenda. There is a reason mankind became the dominant species and even now, people talk about the preservation of life, and people that I would say are ill-advised to have any children are actually awarded and celebrated *cough* Teen Mom *cough*. Excuse my somewhat political idealism this is supposed to be around fantasies is it not?

So how did I get into the whole harem genre, I’ve watched “Tenchi Muyo!” which is pretty innocent compared to something such as “Shusaku”, “Sex Taxi”, or “Discipline” and the fact that I could go on for quite a while should be a bit scary. I’ve even been known to comment on the notion of “fuck-marry-kill” which could actually be geared more toward monogamy but the thought of choosing between three girls, for example, Jennifer Lawrence, Shailene Woodley, and Chloë Grace Moretz, but what if I could keep all three and even more for sure.

Is that not the nature of man to want more and again I’ve even cursed my body because would want to please and be pleasured in every way imaginable. Even by today’s standards a man wishes to gain not so he can provide for one woman but so he can wrack up “notches” before finding that one and upon doing so, well look at the news today of so many.

It’s damn near a career for some and a hobby for others and as for me when it comes to my books, and crushes, well um, We Bought A Harem.

I Will Have No Fear

My Enemy Within

Biology… the mere thought makes me want to vomit blood, and the sight but more importantly the knowledge of such blood makes me wish I was never born. My Enemy Within… and I know now that it’s not me and not even within anymore but without anyone.

My enemy within
If only I could see
Begin again

How my eyes do descend
Who’s scorn would it be
My enemy within

Who, what, where, and when
Stop, I plead
Begin again

Not a possibility
My enemy within

Because of him
Who’s your daddy?
Begin again

It never ends
Him, you, and me
My enemy within
Begin again

Copyright © 2011, Will A. Bradford Jr. All rights reserved.

Lesson 023 ~To Do with Hate~

It wasn’t an asteroid but to all those ants today it might as well be considered an apocalypse and no I don’t feel the least bit sorry, would it help if I hated the way I do some people. To Do with Hate, better out than in right so I’m still writing?

Monday, July 24, 2017

Lesson 023 ~To Do with Hate~

Hey Lady Lu,
I didn’t hate them you know, I haven’t been “attacked” by fire ants in years but I don’t hate them, not in the way I choose to hate. If there is something I particularly loathe and remind me to write a book about the subject, anyway one thing I loathe is a thoughtless, undisciplined, uncivilized, unreasonable killer.

“Are we living in a land
Where sex and horror are the new Gods?” Two Tribes, Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Yeah, you got to give me something Luna and since Lust seems to be off limits… anyway I took out four anthills today, in minutes, I caused an apocalypse and I was wondering why. As I said I didn’t hate them but it was done, wrong place wrong time maybe, and the only shame I feel is how those little ant hills made me look to people I couldn’t care less about, people I never speak to. A kid burns ants with a magnifying glass and people think somethings wrong, a “man” sprinkles poison and its consider being an adult.

I have faded memories of someone who kept these jars full of ants, I remember I might have wanted an ant farm at some point, I even use to catch Sowbugs or Rolly Pollies we called them. I never kept the sowbugs though, I actually had the idea of putting them in ant hills like some sort of commando movie, I was into Delta Force I suppose and the poor things would be killed. Whatever in the world am I getting at… I’d say genocide but we’re not talking about people, not yet at least.

Probably more to the point is the lesson, what we do with hate, opposed to what we do with love and if you’re asking me with how I feel at this particular moment, hate is easier. Then again my lady the reason I started talking to you more was out of forgiveness that I would never receive and a hatred for myself that I just could not bear that night.

Maybe I’m already talking my way into being more loving, I know I need to considering Braxton and I have been at odds as of late, he’s driving me crazy or I’m driving myself crazy. I’m sure we have talked about fear before; hell I’m terrified of Ms. Seasons, but let me tell you about women, seeing as you’re like my favorite one, maybe, possibly.

With women, I think love and hate are damn near identical and they shouldn’t be, love is exhausting and hate, no it should only be a matter of indifference, as far as Ms. Seasons goes that’s what I want, indifference but I haven’t read her latest so… I told you before I was one for chivalry, courtly love, being a gentleman, exhausting myself to what end; I’m still editing a book trying to make money so that it won’t matter what I look like. Flowery words, candy, presents, I feel sort of like Anakin Skywalker saying I see through the lies of the Jedi, I doubt I would be all Romeo ever again, hope not.

Now I don’t hate women, most women mind you but being a Dom is about control, it’s about bringing out parts of yourself that are not acceptable to the every day and what lies within me is a monster. I hate that monster and I know everybody keeps saying you have to be alright with yourself before you can be with anyone but tell me what is the alternative, for all the hate I feel love as well and if another person cannot or will not feel the same… I don’t want to hate, I really don’t want to hate but people make it so damn easy and then they run away or they knock me down; if anything I think we might be seeing a nice path to bondage.

What we can control, what we can keep might end up destroying us but we want to keep these things safe, is not God the same way? When it threatens us when we can’t control it when it is something we can’t understand or we just don’t want to what is our next action surely?

“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” – Master Yoda, Star Wars Series

We destroy and if we get into who’s to blame for this trend, again that’s another book idea but I don’t have the wisdom to write it of course. Am I still writing you because I still hate Ms. Seasons so much, because I hate myself, truthfully this isn’t loving?

Will there ever be enough love Lady Lu, think of how easy it is to kill and the work it would take to stop it and it never completely stops does it and to think I was only killing ants? As I said people make it easy and think that the greatest minds in the world created such devices to do so with the push of a button or the pull of a trigger, easy.

Maybe the question is, why is it so hard to love, I’ve fallen in love easily and let’s just say the aftermath… when you’re picking up the pieces of yourself you have plenty of time to think. I didn’t love this girl or that girl but my biology and reasoning, want to make this so; maybe the whole damn world wants this but our only weapons aren’t those sitting in some silo, tube, or vial anymore. Yes, silo and tube just made me chuckle but these words Luna the methods we use to hurt one another and how easily we all become monsters and killers.

If you have to kill, if you want to, all I ask is an honest to God reason for it to be done, it’s why I loathe bullies, why I’m angry at Ms. Seasons, why I hate my father, if you wish to destroy do it with reason and intent, the dead should stay down. This course of action should be reserved and well thought out, and if I was a king I would say yes do it in front of the court but no jester wants his life to be the joke. A true killer should be haunted, it shouldn’t stop them but they should know those faces, and strangely enough, people are remembered more in death than ever in life, the honest truth.

“A penny for my thoughts, oh, no, I’ll sell ’em for a dollar
They’re worth so much more after I’m a goner
And maybe then you’ll hear the words I been singin’
Funny when you’re dead how people start listenin’” If I Die Young (2010)

I didn’t hate them Lady Lu, but I hate some and at the top of that list, for now, will be me and if only I was as efficient as I am with ants and fleas, how I wish I was with Ticks. Is being a pest enough to hate, only if you’re douche who doesn’t like animals or if you’re human for there is much To Do with Hate.

“Here’s much to do with hate but more with love” – “Romeo & Juliet”, William Shakespeare

Lesson 013 ~That’s What She Said~

That’s what she said, no that’s what I said, and truth be told it hasn’t been doing anyone any favors, did I learn nothing from the sound of silence. That’s What She Said or not because I’m too much of a wuss to get her side.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Lesson 013 ~That’s What She Said~

Hey Lu,
I think this is part of the reason we get along so well because you don’t say anything and I know that sounds really bad but in my own personal experience, women talking to me *sigh*. For the record, though I find the joke “that’s what she said” to be pretty damn off putting, one of the reasons I hate going to work.

In “Living Single” Max told Kyle that he didn’t want a girlfriend but a therapist that’s good in bed, I think the whole concept of “GFE” cancels that out but really what do men want when talking to women. I got a friend and half the time we just mirror things back to one another you know how they say “great minds think alike” so you know back in my Saturday morning cartoons they would say “great minds think for themselves” but that is another story. I talk to you and don’t have to worry about you giving me bad advice, chances are I wouldn’t take it anyway, the things that none of us wants to hear am I right.

Which brings me back to work, they treat that joke “that’s what she said” as the end all be all joke, I swear I just want to go all Wesley from Wanted and don’t get me wrong, men can be just as stupid seeing as how it’s a male coworker that always says this. You know I think often about having the answers to life’s questions, but praise the sounds of silence you know. Maybe that’s why the kiss was invented some women and men have some semblance of a chance at keeping the human race going, without screwing up.

“if she’s in the mood to f**k you, shut up and let it happen.” – Chris Rock, Bigger & Blacker

Sometimes I talk too much and I definitely type too much nowadays which is why I got into trouble in the first place… On the other side of the line, women are always talking about being so clear and at the same time men are expected to read between the lines, how do we survive?

Correct me if I’m wrong Lady Lu but I think yesterday was the first talk we had where I didn’t mention “the incident” to be fair I haven’t even gone back to reread what she said again. Now I want to scream that’s a problem but that it’s also the solution but how did they do it back in the old days, you know when not a word need be spoken?

I often talk about having an ulterior motive and then she was so clear but what if I had been someone else, anyone else, would the words have really mattered? Isn’t that just it, when I gave the flowery words to guys for their women, they couldn’t get enough but then I could never do that for myself could I. Skeevy words and yet people will drink, do drugs, and the like and lie to themselves about what makes them do the things they do and sadly I’m no better, a liar, I’m telling you that’s what she said.

Some other girl probably and even today, some women I just ignore, some words are filler and why do I want to hide from the truth but like “The X-Files” the truth is out there. I use to say I don’t want to be a liar, but society deems that we all must, this is the world we live in and eventually, we might evolve past this but I have never gotten that far. In all the erotica I have ever read, the relationships are built on lies and even in the fairy tales that end with happily ever after or in erotica’s case either in bed or with the end of The Graduate, that what did we do look.

I was a nice guy when I never talked to her but the moment she becomes let’s say unrepressed and I say what I said, suddenly I’m skeevy. The moment I saw her as a woman and not just someone, Luna I ask you why does any man want a woman and yes I know this already sounds bad but let’s go with our biology.

“I have four words for you: Listen to the Woman.” White Men Can’t Jump (1992)

Like you Luna, considering you are a figment of my imagination and personally I rather sleep but the reason that you’re here is that while I can’t hear you, I know you want to be here. It’s primal nature and I’m afraid I spoiled some of that today but listening to women and really hearing them is two different things.

I’m not trying to psychoanalyze anyone but it really says something about a woman who is suddenly uncommitted and gets tattoos, her nipples pierced, goes to nude beaches, and everything else, this being the thirteenth lesson, I’m not scared of feminist finding me. What about a woman who asks your opinions on clothes, wear’s stuff that you like, takes up your fandoms and buys you props for them? How about another woman who starts out on your couch, activity flirts with you about a certain lifestyle, and ends up in your bed but stops you right at the cusp hmm?

Even Disney Lu, remember Ariel who gave up her voice for legs, a woman that gives up talking for something physical and then a man that talks too much. How about Merida from Brave when she saw the last man who she thought was a suitor, she responded not as some independent princess but like any other woman. In the end, it doesn’t come down to he said she said, but simply the physical though some men are more equal than others and some women while condemning men in every shape and form only condemn our species, why do you think “Realdoll” even exist today.
“We married wonder women. Supergirls. Amazon queens. Well, you know what that makes us?

Smart, worthy, lucky.

We’re the wuss. The wind beneath your wings. Your support system. We’re the girl. And we don’t like it.” The Stepford Wives (2004)

So I ask what did she say and what did I say and in the end does it really matter, what matters is somebody you can enjoy the silence with, somebody that you don’t need the words with and if you choose to have them let them be true or at least better, what about somebody that doesn’t kill you in your sleep. If anything I just want “I love you” not to be a joke no I want to look at the world and say That’s What She Said.