Log 149 ~Don’t Mind The Will~

There was so much I didn’t cover today so lost in my head, how about the allegoric reaction from all that dust in my eyes, the fact that my ear hurts, and I practically passed out getting back my “problems.” “Don’t Mind The Will.”

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Log 149 ~Don’t Mind The Will~

Forgive Me Echo,
I AM a Billionaire right now, so does that mean I got money on my mind? Do you remember my “Show Me The Money” playlist? My thinking was that at least for two and a half hours; it was easy to stay positive? These past few days, though, I have been braindead. Keeping in mind today, I woke up an hour early and was still late to the Day Job. How about the fact that I wasted an hour of my time there getting ready for nothing at all? I bumped my head on the fan in front of a girl. Oh, and I completely blew it as a manager today, SIGH. I’m also limping towards the NaNoWriMo finish line after everything.

I could continue Inspector, but I have to be kind. How do I define being that, though? Didn’t I talk about yesterday keeping my head up? What about looking people in the eye? I keep failing Rule #2, “You Are Not A Caveman.” Inspector Echo, I tried, I gave it the college try, did I mention I never graduated? Besides that fun fact that I’m not a student, I’m also not a slave, but what did I do today? I’m not a “Master.” I don’t order people to do things for me, but again today. I am not the friend, and oh, how we are going to get into that tonight? My head hurts and again not only because I hit the fan. One day like today and I spend hours sleeping. I told Cherry and M Anime about how my feet were killing me because of driving. If anything, I am in more pain and have more shame because I ran away from those guys today. I’m a Senior Associate, Old Man, the Wardog.

Something else I don’t need to think about is My Dæmon’s age. A Dog’s Purpose is a no go right now only know he is living up to it Inspector Echo. I have to be a better father. If anything, I have to be a better man. You should also remind me not to quote R. Kelly’s lyrics. Okay, movies, R. Kelly, let me add Alanna Anderson. Don’t say I’m not “family-friendly” if you look her up, it’s your fault, okay? Speaking of taking responsibility, I finally got back to M Anime; after a month.

Sorry for my big full head, Don’t Mind The Will.

I Will Have No Fear

Log 054 ~Staying Ahead Of Will~

Last week I wasn’t sitting in bed and now; cut me some slack, I was up at 5:15 AM, the firstborn is walked and medicated, I even left to get some gas for the old car, and I’m not playing and “other” games. “Staying Ahead Of Will.”

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Log 054 ~Staying Ahead Of Will~

Hey Lady Lu,
I AM a Millionaire right now, but I should have been a long time ago. Today I’m ahead of the game but only by an hour or so. You know one of my best motivations says to wake up at 4:00 AM. It’s not like I haven’t before, and I even got around six hours last night. As if I need more temptation to fight. Jennifer Lawrence, Lily Bowman, Haley Pullos, and Girls Gone Plaid. Hell It’s not even 6 AM yet, and I’ve hit on a celebrity. Speaking of which I said, “I’ll be your Adam if you’ll be my Eve.”

Head games and mine still hurts from Walmart. It’s all in your head as THEY say, so I’m trying not to think about it, Lady Lu. Here we are though but still no bruise. I know better than to go to WebMD. Next thing you know I’ll find out I’m dying. We all are, no doubt only I might be sooner than most. As I said temptation and I should add Madison Page from Heavy Rain to the list. She’s the closest I’ve gotten to porn looking up that chapter “Sexy Girl.” Now You know I hate to lose anything on purpose but seeing video game boobs? One step closer to the grave Lady Lu. If I had to add up everywhere I can’t go and can’t eat or drink these days; the Grim Reaper would have no trouble finding me. Businesses that support Trump, Walmart sucks like Target now. An Icee reminds me of a particular dog. Chicken sandwich wars and everything in-between SIGH.

My body feels like it’s on fire. Yesterday I climbed back into bed after breakfast for a twenty-minute snooze. Bullshit (LANGUAGE) I know but I’m a damn addict when it comes to sleep, sex, and STUPIDITY. If I haven’t mentioned it before, that girl Nour from Bury me, my Love is hot. It could be so much worse, Lady Lu. You know I could get back into playing Virgin Roster or Casual Romance Club. There was also a specific game that got banned a few months back. I know you don’t judge but other people will. With that in mind, I’m 90% done with “Raphael,” and you know what the Catholic Church does. Stuff I can’t conceive, but this morning I have my firstborn waking up. Staying Ahead Of Will

I Will Have No Fear

Lesson 054 ~Not Set in Stone~

Head splitting headache, I would get them all the time back in school because of anxiety, beats praying on the porcelain altar and I wish I could say I’ve been drinking. “Not Set in Stone”, I’m just waiting for someone to say, you blockhead

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Lesson 054 ~Not Set in Stone~

Hey Lady Lu,
No Fear, honestly I don’t want to say I was afraid though fear is a sickness, it’s a long story so let’s call it anxiety, or if you prefer the short version, a bad headache. Things Can and/or Will Always Get Worse, another rule among many that I have come up with today but I know I’m not the only one, as the song plays on Lu.

Should I say that I’m having trouble keeping my head up, today it’s been sort of a cinder block, talk about giving people a piece of my mind if they did some stupid group activity at work? Another way to look at it is like one of those people in a mental institution, I could use something like that, on the other hand, do I really want to keep the thoughts in that are going all Andy Dufresne trying to escape. Other times it’s like a never ending echo and just as I appear to be getting better, the thoughts shoot around like a pinball.

My Lady you know I’m a simple man with delusions of grandeur and considering others, why am I so afraid, at least I don’t have naked pictures circulating, that I know of. Nobody can compare one’s pain to another but intents and purposes I think I understand some of those celebrities involved in another “Frappening”. They have the world to see them and still I look upon my own shame, not that these celebs have anything to be ashamed of, they were hacked and possibly not thinking clearly, I swear the same thread, my head.

In this day and age it’s still the Sword of Damocles hanging above all of us right, Jigsaw before Jigsaw, to be completely honest I had these problems before the Internet existed… what’s my age again? Now I think everyone nowadays only prays for the next scandal to take off the spotlight, sink or swim in a way and I’m telling Rose to let me on that damn door ha.

When I was in the sixth grade I fell for this girl the “Iron Maiden” she had cancer once upon a time but anyway, before the digital age I was still playing the young poet.

So I intended to woo her, it would take days, a week or two but I wrote her letters and played my own messenger saying I was acting on behalf of someone else, which I would in high school actually for other “gentlemen”. Of course, I let my biology get the best of me and rushed revealing myself and let’s just say, humiliation ensued so when a guy like Roosh V says to imagine the worst case scenario and it won’t be that bad… wrong because I’ve lived through it over and over. It’ll go away but that’s what I thought was supposed to be good about aging, that you forget sooner, geez Luna why am I still thinking about this? Isn’t that today’s lesson that things are not set in stone and yet with college files, the internet, and everything else, it’s always there.
How about if we look at this from the other side, remember the first Frappening with Jennifer Lawrence and you know I’m a fanboy there, without question. I’m a bad man Luna no denying that and I felt so bad for her, I mean after all she was a victim, but that didn’t stop me from collecting all the pictures that I could. She’s ashamed the pictures got out and they are going to be there forever, scour the internet clean, how many hard drives still have those pictures. It’s easier when you’re the one doing the burning and the salting and when it’s not you grin and bear it wondering what people think of you and when it comes to Jennifer, I liked her before, I like her now.

“Six hours ago, I was ready to give my life for you. Do you know what has changed in the last six hours?


Nothing.” – The Matrix Revolutions (2003)

My point is Lu that while our feelings can change, some things clearly are set in more than stone that can’t be erased and we simply must live with them, that’s why a bunch of stupid notes are still at my old school and people have pictures of Jennifer Lawrence’s boobs all over the place.

How about all those Confederate monuments, German people are ashamed of the Nazis but Americans celebrate them and the Confederacy. Speaking of celebrations, you know I couldn’t leave out “Sapphire” you know what that stone represents right and it’s coming faster now, I hate it.

Some things need to be torn down, destroyed but you know I would never ever say that about words, from my own writing to others because this is not Fahrenheit 451 or Newspeak. What about the walls in my own mind, this has been a time of my great fear, happens every year and now I’m just holding out to the end of the month, maybe I’ll forget more, be more open and everything else. For now, my feet are like lead but my will is iron, and write now the stones that have hurt me will help build up my blog all the more, hopefully, less depressing, big dreams.

As far as Sapphire is concerned, I remember high school, nearly on the day another person, a teacher tore me apart, yet another reason I hate the coming Sapphire. “Indiana Gone” is doing her best, I might try to have “Gospel Girl” over, and “Okay” well I hope she is, to be honest. I should truly take stock and be grateful for everything that I have, every year it surprises me, I’m still around here.

So what have I learned today other than the fact that it ain’t my heart it’s my damn head that’s heavy that I am living just not to think… does that make me a Trump supporter? Stone is nothing compared to what remains of us but it’s still there but we would do well to remember Luna our lives, all we are in this place is Not Set in Stone.