Chronicle 177 ~B In The Present~

I expect to be here for at least an hour because where else would I be on Christmas morning. Taking a walk, fixing breakfast for two, binge-watching Christmas movies? A guy has to eat. I did in the past, the present, and the future… B In The Present

Saturday, December 25, 2021

Chronicle 177 ~B In The Present~

Hey Lady Lu,
I AM a Billionaire right now, which sounds a lot better than Merry Christmas. I hear you, Lady Lunalesca. It’s Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas or something like that in the past. As in the Ghost of Christmas Past. Oh, I should start off with Jacob Marley. The thing is, Lady Lu, I don’t have any dead EVIL friends to come and warn me of anything. Braxton was no saint but no sinner. Lunalesca, I’ve been going over this; what I’ve done Last Christmas all week. Of course, being Christmas Eve, we’re having this conversation today, not tomorrow. On Christmas Day, there was a post already written out. B and I would walk and then have a big breakfast. Over the whole day, there would be some Christmas movies. I’d read. B III would get a present that he’d spend five minutes with. Those were the days, Lu.

While I share the Ebenezer Scrooge mindset, I don’t have the Ghost of Christmas Present. I’m a Time Traveler Lu, but I can’t see the future. So what have I done on this very eve? Well, I did talk to Lady Sophia, giving me time to speak to you. There was a full breakfast I made. Do you know that song “I’ll Cross This Bridge” from “A Christmas Carol”? I found it after all this time. Speaking of music, Lu; “Wake Up” Brass Against… hot. There was, of course, The Matrix: Resurrections which um wasn’t as such from last night. Anyway, I had an idea for my Stuff and Thangs that didn’t work out as such. So yes, I remain a monk but Christmas Day?

The Ghost of Future Yet To Come. If that ain’t the truth, Lady Lu, but it ain’t the time. How do I see a future Christmas? All I know is when I spy the Day Job is coming up, I wish… well, dangerous words. Let’s say I would take a black hooded specter any day. Let me remind myself that I always see myself with a family, wife, children. A picture that Braxton… no, he is it with me always and forever and this is all a dream, Lu. Still, I don’t know what to expect tomorrow and another after that, but it ain’t Santa Claus. No tree, no chimney, and the front door. Amazon? Haven’t checked. Not tomorrow. Merry Christmas. B In The Present

328 Days Without B III

BLM Braxton’s Life Matters,

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