Episode 247 ~Babe Will Baby Will~

I was “The Walking Dead” at the Day Job this morning, and I asked myself, why do I do it, besides keeping BIII and myself fed; he cries when I’m gone I bet and I want to but if I had more family? Babe Will Baby Will

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Episode 247 ~Babe Will Baby Will~

Dear Future Wife,
How To Make One Million Dollars, make a cure for Everything, Everything. Someone is working on a zombie virus right. When that happens, I’m going to be the man, a grim outlook on the future but when I’m with you baby girl?

In sickness and in health, isn’t that how the vows go and probably before anything else you’ll see me have a panic attack. Even now I want to say I’m sorry and to think I worry more about my teeth than my mental state, such is my vanity. Everything else is easy to cover up, even when I’m sweating because it may take a few years, but I will have the flu again. So I’ll be in a huff; I’m going to howl, and please help yourself to the store. I would be there for you, do I need to say that out loud, the good news is I rarely fall for more than a day. Some days you might ask was I looking more for a wife or somebody to ride out the apocalypse with me… no comment love.

As with the kids and their homework, I know I wanted to cry plenty, but I can tell you this, nobody here is stupid. Between dozens of numbers, getting a D on a test and being thankful and my “dad” I learned to be anything but him. Sure I learned how to count money, and I’m a stickler for being on time as usual. Only I never want to be the reason our children cry. Again with my many apologies, I still do when I step on B III’s paw, but when I give him a treat. If I bring tears, I want them to be of joy, and yes laughter still freaks me out a bit I wish you and all our progeny to be happy. Yeah, I’ll still be a prepper, part of the reason I guess I want to enjoy every moment.

I know when I’m going to cry. How much was it when we got the kids. So you can call me Noah if anything happens to Triple B. I’m going to be the man on the island, sorry that I can see that now. No, I wasn’t the man to cry seeing you in your wedding dress but knowing we’re together… Do I compare that to publishing my first book, going into business? Yes, things may get weird when my father dies, won’t be sad. If I thought crying more would save you tears, I would, but I want to be a man. If only you knew how many pretty girls brought out the waterworks in me before. Please remember above all else “I love you,” those three words are yours; Babe Will Baby Will.

I Will Have No Fear

Lesson 147 ~Make Me Wanna Cry~

What makes you cry, if anything I’m supposed to be a man, but this isn’t the diary of a tired black man, that was a good movie by the way, but I haven’t anytime as you could see me passing out in the wee hours of the morning. “Make Me Wanna Cry”

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Lesson 147 ~Make Me Wanna Cry~

Hey Lady Lu,
No Fear, I won’t, at least not yet anyway, not if I can get a decent night’s rest but fat chance of that happening I mean what time is it now? I haven’t dreamed a nightmare for quite some time to be sure, and the sweetest dreams aren’t coming, or I’m working on them nowadays for real.

That’s another way to stop the tears, lots and lots of work, been sweating bullets as of late with this NaNoWriMo deadline and it’s starting to be crunch time. Speaking of crunch, yet one more way I’m not bursting into tears; how many times have we talked about my anger issues getting the best of me? Anger is becoming somewhat of a finite resource about don’t I have plenty to be, angry about, including even you keeping me up still.

The work, blood and soft minus the tears, why isn’t 2200 words enough or the fact that I know that it’s all my fault, not just a little bit but almost the entire time become I’m busy fighting one more bit of liquid. On that note, it’s been maybe one more week, for all the successes that I can see coming… did I just say that, anyway for all the good that’s coming I live in a constant state of waiting for the other shoe to drop? Other than myself I’m letting you down which explains this is coming a day late and have I found the line; it was 3:00 AM when I just gave up talking to you and decided to do this on Sunday but better late than never some say often.

Talk about sayings I hate because the last thing I need is more excuses, on a positive note, things should be getting back to normal soon enough which means I’ll be broke again if my hours and my paycheck have anything to say about it. I’m not crying though, too tired to cry, today was supposed to be a five thousand words day, and I have barely cleared 2,400 when it comes to the novel, but I bought Grammarly today.

So what have we learned over the past two days other than the fact that I’m finally taking my writing seriously… yeah hello, I should be working on you more ain’t that right and the blog in general. The point is we know tears never solve anything, so make secretions but life at this moment *sigh* Make Me Wanna Cry.

I Will Have No Fear

Convince The Reaper

People often talk to God and even he’s not there or he ain’t listening and these past few days I have heard plenty of people asking other people why. Convince The Reaper… can anyone really know, why do they try; humanity

For what is death, if not a Contract
Between what we consider destiny
And perhaps the one simple fact
That you and everyone you meet
In the simplest terms… will die
Yes I know even me
Yet you question and want to know why
We will all have the big sleep

As if you have some Covenant with God
Or whatever you call that higher power
Seeing the lives now robbed
Wondering of that final hour
Alas we can never see
Until it comes for us all
Consider it too soon maybe
But I ask, who you gonna call

How do we manage that Conversation?
Who now speaks for the dead?
Listen to the voice of the nation
Do you know what I said
Nothing, yes for there is nothing
There are the dead, the head, and oh yes the great divine
While there are those who look for something
Whatever will they find… this time?

With all they’re Collaboration
When has life been fair?
People talk about what they call salvation
So they seek life elsewhere
Praying for those that have been lost
Or albeit much too soon
Knowledge I’m afraid is a heavy cost
Preferring not to think of doom

Though it is always Coming
Is there anything you can do?
Won’t tell you to stop running
I suppose I know my truth
At the end… for those still Alive
Asking after him or her
Feel free to ask why and to cry
No not one life can Convince the Reaper

Copyright © 2012, Will A. Bradford Jr. All rights reserved.