Chronicle 184 ~Have A B Year~

Happy New Year… much too soon to tell. Braxton ain’t here so that counts as an epic fail in my book. Plus, it was always so simple to put him at the top of my New Year’s Resolutions. There’s so much to think about as I try to Have A B Year.

Saturday, January 1, 2022

Chronicle 184 ~Have A B Year~

Hey Lady Lu,
I AM a Billionaire right now; I have my boy, my babe, so let’s begin. But no. Welcome To The Real World.

Last year it was Braxton and me on the couch. Well, when he wasn’t pacing or hiding. He was antsy because I was. And with all the fireworks and guns going off. It was one of the last battlefields we would share together. Of course, his final battles, getting to his Water Bowl. Wanting to come home. Why can’t I stay, Daddy? The first cry of the year, 7:50 AM. As for how I spent this New Year’s? My Ma brought her famous dip, and I paid one of my own bills. For real? A good question for another time. I said Happy New Year to the vixen from the UK, Cherry. Ditto to Carolina Bound and M Anime. When the moment came for me.

Well, I was sitting right here, Lunalesca. I was in bed buck naked, staring at Cherry’s “covered” Yabbos per usual. No, not doing that. I cleared out my phone, making sure pictures weren’t repeated in the gallery. What a way to start the New Year, am I right, Lady Lu? So now I have a new day, a new year. I’ve had a few hours, so Having A B Year:

  1. I WILL learn to love, somehow I will learn How To Save A Life
  2. I WILL publish at least one book, a bestseller
  3. I WILL make one million dollars every single year
  4. I WILL write 400 Words every day (Goal 120,000)
  5. I WILL visit a brothel somewhere and also participate
  6. I WILL see a return. First significant investment
  7. I WILL produce adult films
  8. I WILL do NaNoWriMo
  9. I WILL have a relationship or sleep with some girl once a month minimum
  10. I WILL, at last, provide for myself and any of those deemed my family
  11. I WILL spend no more than $500 on Yabbos I can’t touch (Hentai Excluded)
  12. I WILL start work on my life goals Episode 345 ~You Got Will’s Number~

So as the eye doctor would say, “About the same?” What does #1 even mean? #10 is A Man Provides. #11, how many artists am I paying? Lots to do and without Braxton. Happy New Year. Have A B Year

335 Days Without B III

BLM Braxton’s Life Matters,

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