Saga 161 ~B More Photogenic Virgil~

Of all the things I take pictures of. In the mornings, um… usually boobs; in the afternoons, it’s 2V. And when it gets late, book quotes usually involving dogs or boobs… and wisdom. I wish I had more pictures of B III. “B More Photogenic Virgil”

Friday, December 9, 2022

Saga 161 ~B More Photogenic Virgil~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, but as the song goes, “I ain’t no superhero, I ain’t no Marvel Comic.” Damn true.

As true as V not being my son… I should get back to reading books about fur babies Lady Sophia. “VCard for Christmas” had Bull and Muff, but we’ll get there. First, my not son. While I was at the Day Job, I had to think of something that didn’t so closely resemble Hell. Now I am going to Hell someday for what happened to B, but again V’s moment. Every day I take his picture, but why? Braxton was here for fifteen years, and how many pictures are there? I guess as proof that Virgil is still alive. But, you know what I see. Lady Sophia, it’s more what I’m trying to see. I want to see Braxton in him. Only I never do.

You take these things for granted, you know. When I’m not sleeping, I’m always crying. To this day, I remember Braxton’s last look. I was/am his dad. Right up to the very second, he felt his life slip away, and I became a misanthrope, a monster. “I don’t wanna be a murderer.” Lady Sophia, more music. Reminds me of V crying when I leave the house. He’s much “Happier” when I’m sitting here… lying here, reading a Christmas Erotica… Not out loud, of course, ha-ha. It’s always the same story or ending, at least, yep. A picture of the life I want for myself. It’s not like Virgil is getting any browner. I don’t see myself walking out of the Day Job. Oh, and misanthrope?

Sophia, being honest, I’ve always been. I should have my face in the fucking dictionary. Me, with a big STUPID grin on my face. My smile is for Triple B. I wish that were true. Thinking of the future, though, always gets me back into XXX. Wheeler Walker Jr., anyone? If my son isn’t here anymore? When looking at Virgil, I’m not seeing him either? Women! Always with the women. I still see myself marrying some cute brunette someday, Lady Sophia. A brunette with cute glasses and a nice pair of tits. Is that drool? For the record, I continue to hate looking in a mirror. And yet what I want from 2V, somehow, someway. To see myself in his eyes… B More Photogenic Virgil.

677 Days Without B III, Day 118 of Virgil’s Arrival

BLM Braxton’s Life Matters,

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