Chronicle 170 ~The Braxton Stops Here~

Who’s that knocking at my chamber door? Most days, I would instead be knocking at Heaven’s door. All the time, Braxton wanted outside. Then inside and I would look at him through the glass. Now he’ll be in a frame. “The Braxton Stops Here.”

Saturday, December 18, 2021

Chronicle 170 ~The Braxton Stops Here~

Hey Lady Lu,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and I could go looking for aliens or try to find God… ha. Look for Santa?

What would I ask of him? These days Lady Lu, I rather have a good girl sitting on my lap. But okay, let’s start with the obvious. I showed B III’s Aunt what I went shopping for today. Of course, she thought I’d made a new friend, but no. I’m bleeding cash Lu, you see. In case I haven’t said it enough, ahem, Braxton is dead. So I’m buying toys and treats for who? I gave a dollar to the ladies at PetSmart. Is Santa bringing me a Best Friend? Lunalesca, I asked M Anime what she wanted for Christmas, and she said, “Dollar dollar bills, y’all!” I could use the money but quoting another song Lunalesca “Peace of mind.” But B III is here.

You’re right that Braxton brings my serenity. And no, I don’t mean the queen or princess from Sailor Moon. Yes, most of my money goes towards Yabbos, but it wasn’t towards Cherry for the first time in some weeks. Maitland Ward, OfficialMaxine, and other anime. But anyway, Braxton. The lamp was blazing in my eyes come 3:00 in the morning. Yes, I was up late talking to Lady Sophia, but it was more dread. I was out of treats for B III, but he’s gone. They’re all sitting there, and while I said, I was going for framed pictures, sigh. I couldn’t stop myself. Love for my boy, lust for all the Ho, Ho, Ho’s. That’s not nice, I know. I tried teaching Braxton respect…

I can only imagine what he’s learning from me now. It’s not people watching from the great beyond but my son at The Rainbow Bridge. “Daddy laughing at me humping.” “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town,” as they say, but I doubt he’ll stop by. I can’t BBQ, Lady Lu. “He doesn’t look a thing like Jesus.” and even if he was the real deal. I’m going to Hell, ha. I should get on Amazon. To buy a frame for next week, but it won’t get here in time, right? There’s also Braxton’s Aunt, which means I should scrub this place down. It’s real gross. All I want is Braxton to show up, but then he never left? The Rainbow Bridge? The Braxton Stops Here.

321 Days Without B III

BLM Braxton’s Life Matters,

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