Saga 112 ~Sounding Like B, Virgil~

I wish I could say, “you’re just like your brother.” Or rather, “you are your brother.” I’m leaning more towards V Being Virgil. But when I leave, it’s like hearing two dogs instead of one. But when I hear those nails clacking… Sounding Like B Virgil

Friday, October 21, 2022

Saga 112 ~Sounding Like B, Virgil~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and I still think about cloning my son. If ashes were enough. Another reason to cry…

No, that’s been Virgil’s thing for at least a week, maybe more. As I’m sure I’ve told one of the girls, I didn’t notice until recently. It sounded like two dogs fighting every day (sigh). Isn’t that precisely what’s happening? Braxton isn’t going anywhere, and now Virgil is here, so… Am I giving up on the reincarnation bit? I’m reading “Come Back: Reincarnation, Our Pets, Second Chances” by Tina Proffitt. It’s “different…” weird, madness, inevitably? I believe I will see Triple B again. Unfinished business, like all the stories I have written and haven’t done a damn thing with. That’s another reason I cry every time I see my Day Job schedule. A triple to Hell and Hell! Virgil shares the sentiment as Braxton did.

Well, once upon a time, at least. Soon B’s tears turned happier. He wasn’t crying when I left but with my return… I’d say I read the situation wrong but lacking thumbs; he had his little tail. Yeah, he would cut through the air with that thing. His hair remains everywhere, Sophia. But now Virgil is adding on. Although his birthday was nothing to write about Sophia. But here I am, trying. I bought him a burger and fries, that’s it. What about a gift, a toy? Um, I was talking to Braxton’s Aunt yesterday, telling her about 2V’s first vet appointment. Besides my waterslide dream, I was dreaming about what the vet might say about Virgil’s nails. That’s the only reason I’m reading paperwork.

I want to know if Virgil can get his nails clipped before then. We had an incident yesterday when one of his nails got wrapped in the pillow. I had to cut him loose. Remember how B was about his paws? After I got Virgil free, I almost said something. Sophia, I wanted to say, “Well, you did better than Braxton.” Sophia, that’s a never, for damn sure. Only now, Virgil’s starting to walk from Braxton’s room to here… Courage? And me being the selfish bastard I am, you know what that means. No more Triple X if he can waltz in here anytime. How about when he starts talking back like B learned to? Is Virgil conversing with my Braxton? Sounding Like B, Virgil

628 Days Without B III, Day 069 of Virgil’s Arrival

BLM Braxton’s Life Matters,

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