Saga 136 ~The Innocent Can’t Grant Absolution~

What I said to B III during his final moments? I know I said I was sorry before the vet came back with the needle. I told 2V I was sorry for bumping into a wall. Damn, broken glasses. And the Man I once was… “The Innocent Can’t Grant Absolution”

Monday, November 14, 2022

Saga 136 ~The Innocent Can’t Grant Absolution~

Two-Hundred and Sixty-Sixth Rule

Madam Justice
I AM a Billionaire right now. Which means I’m nowhere near innocent. Hell! The crimes I have committed today, Sunday, November 13, 2022.

Time Travel. I can imagine the crimes I will commit; by the time you read this. The sins that I think about daily. “Law Abiding Citizen” I am not, Madam. I can’t be. Today I have sought out a movie to steal… Black Panther: Wakanda Forever? Yes, I paid for it twice in the theater. And you can’t blame me for all the leaked videos that are out now. Madam, let’s say I have gone to some rather unscrupulous types; for things. Fuck, the internet is a terrifying place. I should spend more time talking to you, Madam. Inevitably I come back to my son, my Braxton. No crime I have ever committed will match how I failed him. A murderer, who would have thought?

I will do more. As I was talking to the Man in the Mirror this morning. (Sigh) I’m a Fraud. That’s the Eighth Circle of Hell. My place is in the Ninth, Treachery. Betraying Braxton. Can’t say I’ve read many dog grieving books lately. Too busy being a fraud but Madam. Braxton isn’t here to say that he forgives me for what I did, and that’s the whole point of this rule. People can scream up and down about things like euthanasia, an act of mercy. Love? The people who love have no right to forgive a killer. Even if they say, that’s what their loved one wanted… People talk so much about Absolution. Accountability. Madam, I read in a book once this killer said:

“I am not afraid of justice. Justice is a good thing, even if I am on the losing end of it.” The Girl in 6E

Sometimes I think I ain’t worth it; other times, I know I deserve it. And then there’s this Hell. Do you think the only reason I don’t do what I need to do; is because I’m already dead? Again, I’m talking to you today, not Monday, so you know what that means. I wish. I wish the innocent “man” I once was could forgive me. Grant me such Absolution. Braxton’s eyes… They weren’t of forgiveness, love, or a goodbye. My boy asked me why. All the women over the years. I’m pretty much dead to them anyway. Their innocence. As much as I hate to admit it, I am the guilty one. And God, if you believe in such. What a mess of things, hmm. The Innocent Can’t Grant Absolution

652 Days Without B III, Day 093 of Virgil’s Arrival

BLM Braxton’s Life Matters,

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