Episode 188 ~Open For Business Will~

Define open, sitting here at the dining room table and not hiding in the bedroom, keeping a MILF content and you know what that takes… no not that, and not allowing the negative into myself today. “Open For Business Will,” get busy living right?

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Episode 188 ~Open For Business Will~

Hey Lady Lu,
How To Make One Million Dollars, as my motivations would suggest, there is a difference between I Want and I AM, I want to be rich, and I am rich, I want to see her naked and I am seeing her naked. I think to some of the greatest, Dennis Hof, Hugh Hefner, Ron Jeremy and hopefully I‘m not jinxing Ron, him being alive but anyway Mr. Hof said something to the tune of he liked boobs, guys like boobs and with that, he built a business.

I should probably read his book “The Art of the Pimp: One Man’s Search for Love, Sex, and Money” to gain insight; what is it about opening a book that suddenly makes one feel smarter. How about opening your wallet and I don’t mean for the typical, food primarily, but they say it’s better to give than to receive, though if I have talked about anything this week, it’s control over an exceptional MILF. When I want to open my mouth vs. I AM opening my mouth as it’s required, to be average, and not to feel alone, then there’s anything to do with B III, the reason I go to McDonald’s more often, how about to know what I’m talking about any given day.

Haven’t I mentioned Pandora’s Box; there are days like this where I feel… good, you see even now it’s a desperate fight to maintain the positive because when I’m open it’s letting all that evil into the universe and since I prefer my solitude you know what that means? Maybe I got a good night’s sleep whether I wanted it or not, of course, I watched “Cumming For You,” tailor-made porn… that’s what I have been looking up this morning; it’s a thing, Clips4Sale, ExtraLunchMoney, LifeSelector, and with all the porn, I haven’t cum all year, how’s that for honesty. That’s nothing against the MILF she’s divine. Anyway, my point is anything that can open, can close as well, and if you’re going to stay open 24/7 and 365 you have to surround yourself with beauty, with goodness and have you seen Walmart most days?

The men I mentioned before built the Heavens and slept with angels, and they were able to charge admission, and that’s what I want to do; now my poetry and novels are the plans, the blueprints but since the point has always been women regardless:

“If you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything.”
Marilyn Monroe

How I’ve gotten that done, and now I’m continually thinking about how best to turn this into power and profit rather than my collective pleasures and payment; the things women do, making me want to be a better man, staying positive, Open For Business Will.

I Will Have No Fear

Episode 181 ~Will Sticks The Landing~

I can’t stand it, the waiting, the hoping, even the falling is a tad too exhausting for my taste but if one wants the gold… it sounds like I’m going for the Olympics, all the writing I’ve done where could I go wrong. Will Sticks The Landing

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Episode 181 ~Will Sticks The Landing~

Hey Lady Lu,
How To Make One Million Dollars, you step, you leap, fly, fall, and you trust that your feet will find the ground and today, my heart is in my throat. My eyes are on heaven, and while yes I’m sitting on my ass, one day it may be on the throne, it might be the movies, how about my loveseat? Better than being on my stomach, crawling like a slug, and we both know what else I could be doing but no, as one of my motivations goes, I don’t care if I fail, I’m gonna try.

Yes, I still hate that word, today I was studying one such attempt, and what happened there, she’s married and happy with someone else, and she’s still an acquaintance of mine if you can believe that. Like authors I have never met, a man who writes every day, and a dozen or so internet pages that I’ve skimmed through, the past few hours, telling me the same thing but what else can I do. Again it doesn’t matter, I’m afraid, I could end up losing the “Rainbow Connection” which of course is my theme for this course of action, I’ll get the gold, I’ll enjoy, the beautiful colors, I’ll survive, but I’m going to say

Rainbow Girl,
It’s been quite a while since we were chasing the gold together at work and being honest you were my silver lining those days; if you could have seen me “blush,” how I looked forward to your hair choices more than the sun, a man couldn’t call in sick if he knew you’d be around. However, that smile of yours, the thought of you, who has time for the blues, then again fireworks, stars, and of course the rainbow, so allow me to reach higher and higher still. If I may ask would you go out with me, or as the song goes What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve, I couldn’t imagine a better way to end the year and begin the next than in your company BLANK.

Happy New Year

Dominant how; I’m sure Indiana Gone and Okay will laugh at this because I’m a guy that needs their input on this and honestly do I care that much, but on the other hand I’m always topping my worst thing I’ve ever written so progress. Isn’t that what I should be doing in all areas but talk about backward, delving into the past, the definition of insanity but there is only one direction after all so… Will Sticks The Landing.

I Will Have No Fear

Episode 174 ~William Things To Do~

If everything I had to do was worth one dollar and yes I include breathing in that and maybe one day I will be able to lounge around in bed all day and make money, but I don’t see that person yet. “William Things To Do.”

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Episode 174 ~William Things To Do~

Hey Lady Lu,
How To Make One Million Dollars, more like why do I want a million dollars, one of my daily Motivations suggest that everyone has a purpose and that is to be happy, of course, I’m never content, another says to make a plan, one more “Man Up.”

Of those three I ask myself WHEN am I going to man up, most days I don’t know what kind of man I am, but at this moment shall I be the writer, someone wise, dare I say a whole human being and not pieces stitched together from the world? Hell, how many people see me when I refuse to, I’ve thought some on all the names I’ve heard for myself, and finally, the worse I have come to understand is when they don’t know your name at all. “William” but then again I hate Willie, so here I need to be the type of person that doesn’t need to introduce himself anymore but how can that happen, short of a zombie apocalypse, becoming a beast belonging in a zoo, achieving a state of Zen.

Vile. Vicious. Villainous. Vasiliev
Volcanic. Victorious. Valiant. Vetrov
Vocal. Voracious. Vindictive. Volkov
V Games Series

Don’t I wish I knew WHO was capable of such things, a warrior, the warthog, and again a learned man, one with wisdom, sometimes too much if you were to ask “Indiana Gone,” she knows me well, getting me one of those Zombie MAN CRATES; Purge or the Dead. She believes I’m a capable man, though most might call me a pig, and don’t worry I’m not one for the law exactly only like food; pigs know slaughter, warthogs fight back, sex and violence, mud or blood, such things calm me. Though Lady Lu, for the wisdom to find peace within and maybe that is why the wise say that they know nothing because the more you learn; yes earning is essential, but embarrassment is hot, this Christmas, I’ll burn.

Barrons Books & Baubles
MacKayla’s Manuscripts and Miscellany
Fever Series

WHAT I do know, at least for today is that I so do like alliteration, just in case you were wondering WHERE it comes from, Will’s Writings, Witticisms, And Wisdom and of course my dear B III or Triple B, my son’s name. It always comes back to wisdom and what do I choose to do with it these days, crying, comfort, cumming (language I know) but yet again my streak is gone because I have yet to discover what a man I might be’; Lady Lu, a slave obeys but a Will who knows. The holiday season, people expect miracles but how does one define a miracle; God Has A Plan, I’m still not religious but when a black man and a MILF say the same thing… still no, I’ll define me someday, only a William Things To Do.

I Will Have No Fear

Episode 072 ~One Willing Word Maybe~

When somebody laughs at me I want to punch them in the face (yeah that’s kindness) when a pretty girl flirts, is it wrong to think about wanting to kiss her, and when someone says they love me well… One Willing Word

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Episode 072 ~One Willing Word Maybe~

Dear Future Wife,
Give Me One Reason to say I’m sorry because I’m sure I will be, probably more than I’d like but there are some things in this life you can’t control, and for everything else, there could be an apology. That’s why mine will be the genuine article, I’m not sorry you got stuck in traffic, it sucks when people at work are assholes, it’s not super when this that or the other happens, but I am sorry I can’t make it go away for you my love.

Like when I tell you You’re Beautiful, do you think I sing that out to every girl I ever knew before; sure when I began writing it was To All Of You and my pages were my wings, how best to reach an angel. Then I found you, and that is when I discovered my voice again, you made me brave enough to say such things, so when I say such a thing to you, there aren’t many that can say I was willing to give them a word that held all that I am. Beautiful, I’ll call you that a million times over, I’ll show you in every way that I can along with Love And Happiness. However, we choose to define such things because there will always be such things as pain, hurt.

Now my mother never taught me that, if you can’t say something nice but when I am quiet when my words don’t come, well you know more than anyone that I will lose myself in music. Again I will lose myself to writing because how could I ever speak a word that would cause you heartache, What Kind Of Man Would I Be to utter a terrible sentiment to the one that I adore? My father taught me to despise lies because you only do that to the people who you hate, he would know more than most. Then what about our children love? No I don’t hate them what I mean is Santa, pain, what about all of life?

I suppose that will be kindness, to protect them for as long as we can from a world that is full of lies and hungry for the truth. So when I say I love you and them, when I call you my own, when I read them stories, I don’t want to open my mouth out of ignorance or fear. It might take a little while, it may involve me finding such words as courage, discipline, wisdom, because I refuse to be one more stupid man, you deserve better than that and with a yes, with I love you, when you Stay With Me, without a word, your name becomes my One Willing Word Maybe.

I Will Have No Fear

Lesson 079 ~Be The Tenth Man~

What kind of man would I be, if I had a choice, would I be the man that gets girls, would I be a gentleman, I’ve never wanted to be Superman and I want Batman’s cash and you’ve heard, don’t try to be a great man, just be a man? Be The Tenth Man.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Lesson 079 ~Be The Tenth Man~

Hey Lady Lu,
No Fear, well not until the first man and I wonder what was he afraid of… God, if the Bible was a fact though I believe there was something else, how could he even define it as fear? When I would attend church there was a song that says something about God not giving us the spirit of fear, so if not it, wherever did it come from, the Devil and who created Lucifer, that too much?

I think I’m getting off topic as I tend to do but I was thinking about my rule “You Are Not a Caveman” Lesson 51 ~Not Easy to Be~ although I don’t know how I’m ever going to remember that, sad I have to look up my own rules. I still plan on making 365 of them and then condensing them down but here’s something else since I didn’t write any poetry yesterday *sigh*. I’m sure I’ve asked this before but what was the first rule, while we’re on the subject of the first fear.

Take for example “World War Z” 2013, I have yet to read the book and on that note, I hate being one of those people admitting I’ve seen the movie but never read the book. My point is in the movie, the man who became the tenth man had to accept fear and prepare to combat it, ignoring it would gain nothing but the end. Fear my dear Lady Lu is all about the wait, it’s sort of the difference between the more traditional slow zombies and the speedy zombies.

“Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst” proverb

While I will keep my rule of “I Will Have No Fear” can I not also embrace the wait, am I afraid if I’m prepared, of course not, because when was is afraid, one cannot think and if anything I think a lot, don’t worry but instead think. The Tenth Man was not told to fear the impossible but instead to prepare for it and that my friend is power.

“Even without the events of 40 years ago, I think man would still be a creature that fears the dark. He doesn’t face that fear, he averts his eyes from it and acts as if he doesn’t have any memories of his past. But, 40 years is both a short time and yet, a long time. Man’s fear has withered. And even time itself tries to wither the desire to know the truth. Is it a crime to try and learn the truth? Is it a sin to search for those things which you fear. My purpose in this world is knowledge and the dissemination of it. And it is I who is to restore the fruits of my labor to the entire world. Fear… It is something vital to us puny creatures. The instant man stops fearing is the instant the species reaches a dead end, only to sink to pitiable lows, only to sit and wait apathetically for extinction. Humans who lose the ability to think become creatures whose existence has no value. Wake up! Don’t be afraid of knowledge! Think, you humans who are split into two worlds, unless you want the gulf between humans to expand into oblivion, you must think! Signed, Schwarzwald.” The Big O

I cannot be the Tin Man, I’m far too late to be the first man, and I suppose it’s not easy to be Superman, if anything I just want to be a man and is that the lesson, if I may surpass the caveman but I not yet ready, so can I will I choose to Be The Tenth Man.

I Will Have No Fear