Chronicle 322 ~Of My Favorite B’s~

Some of my favorite words start with B. Brought to you by the letter B. If only I “existed” on Sesame Street, but they had to deal with death too? I think. Speaking of all that surrounds us, thanks “Tuckems” I write about my son. “Of My Favorite B’s”

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Chronicle 322 ~Of My Favorite B’s~

473 Days Without B III

Just Me Baby B,
Did you have a good day? You could always tell how my day would be without reading the clock, my Pancake.

“But Pancake,” you would harrumph, but you would want to take a walk before breakfast. At the very least, go outside. That is until I started bringing fries back. I’ve been there, Braxton. I remember when I discovered Big Macs. Then McDonald’s $3.29 Lunch. But you were still alive when it was only $3.00. You’re alive somewhere, B, and I doubt wherever that is they’re serving you pancakes. That’s my job. Speaking of which, that’s why I’m waking up so late. No Day Job today, but I did say good morning to the “void?” Am I sticking to the theory that you’ve been reincarnated? Out there somewhere B III? These days I’m back to learning about grieving, mourning, bereavement, etc. Oh, and boobies, Twins. SIGH

Books all across the spectrum B. I keep thinking of ways to honor you. Hell, if you’re out there alive… Yesterday is a perfect example of why I’m not ready yet. It was three hours. Yet when I came back, I wasted the whole day in bed and didn’t eat anything. Well, until 11:00 PM. As far as reading goes, I read a sample of “The 1619 Project” and started “Healing Solutions for Pet Loss.” One of those you clearly wouldn’t be interested in. And, of course, I’ve been raging about the “Great Replacement Theory.” If I wasn’t on a list before, I am now B III. I would honor you if I went back to reading on the loveseat and not talking to myself.

Because you’re out there, B III. My boy, my brother, my back. The world’s so heavy. Bed seems to be the only cure, and then um, when’s the last time I took a piss, Braxton ha. Basic question, but you would know following me B III, the paper around the bedposts. Boobies! Because I would rather talk about them than our bathroom habits. To rise again. I’ve been listening to “The Good, the Bad, and the Crazy Stupid Hot: Succubus 3.” Ian is crying over Alaria while “doing” Meera. I cry over you, and no size of boobies on any specific girl will make up or replace my love for you, B. If I finish your book, will I find you some time, somewhere? I hope. Of My Favorite B’s

Always and Forever,
Your Dad

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