Chronicle 315 ~B Five By Five~

B III knows how to reach me. Find the prettiest girl in the room and cozy up with her chest. But there hasn’t been a girl in this house since he left. With reading, I was shocked in 2021. This year has gone to the dogs. He dreams I’ll B Five By Five.

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Chronicle 315 ~B Five By Five~

466 Days Without B III

Just Me Baby B,
Did you have a good day? And did you have to do me like that? Books, boobies, and bad dreams. Communication…

I had a dream about you last night. Or rather, you sent me a nightmare? I don’t mean to be mean, Braxton. If anything, the overall goal is for me to be okay. Selfishness, always? Anyway, I dreamt we were in the mud somewhere. It was a mix between the hallway and the backyard. There are five places to go. You’ll have me sounding like Lily White in a minute. I looked up when I read “The Five.” It was May 12, 2019… I swear, if that ain’t a sign. Okay, so you know, there’s the stairs, den, your room, bathroom, and my room. Well, our room, ha. So you’re in the mud, and I’m trying to keep you there. Five gates are surrounding you.

I know this sounds pretty bad to you, right? There was a mouse on a white string, but I wasn’t holding it. At first, I saw what looked like a worm, but it got bigger. It was trying to keep you and the mouse together for some reason, but I woke up when the snake drew back. First, you know how I feel about snakes. You remember hurting your paw, Braxton, scary. Second, the worse thing in this existence, short of you being gone, is stupidity. Stupid! Even in dreams, that’s an absolute nightmare. That’s why I remember so much today, Braxton. I immediately had to look up Coral and Florida Scarlet snakes. Next to Lily White’s novel. What are you trying to tell me, B III? Here I wonder.

Let’s take the parts of the dream, the “coincidence,” place, you, the mouse, snake, five. Braxton, there is no way in Hell I knew I read a book three years ago today. Drawn to it. This is your home, and the two places you know most are the hallway, and the backyard, B III. Keeping you here… it hurts but is it hurting you too? I mean, the mud and all the gates Triple B? I don’t think I saw myself until the snake was ready to strike. So was I the mouse? Oh no. The more I try to remember the snake. Was it a friend or foe? I lean towards the former B. The Five… boobs and anxiety. I’m not five by five. But B Five By Five.

“Five by five is an expression mainly used in radio communications and military. It is meant to inform the listener that the connection is good, and the signal is clear. In daily speech, however, it means that you are feeling good, everything is fine and all is well.”

Always and Forever,
Your Dad

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