Chronicle 315 ~B Five By Five~

B III knows how to reach me. Find the prettiest girl in the room and cozy up with her chest. But there hasn’t been a girl in this house since he left. With reading, I was shocked in 2021. This year has gone to the dogs. He dreams I’ll B Five By Five.

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Chronicle 315 ~B Five By Five~

466 Days Without B III

Just Me Baby B,
Did you have a good day? And did you have to do me like that? Books, boobies, and bad dreams. Communication…

I had a dream about you last night. Or rather, you sent me a nightmare? I don’t mean to be mean, Braxton. If anything, the overall goal is for me to be okay. Selfishness, always? Anyway, I dreamt we were in the mud somewhere. It was a mix between the hallway and the backyard. There are five places to go. You’ll have me sounding like Lily White in a minute. I looked up when I read “The Five.” It was May 12, 2019… I swear, if that ain’t a sign. Okay, so you know, there’s the stairs, den, your room, bathroom, and my room. Well, our room, ha. So you’re in the mud, and I’m trying to keep you there. Five gates are surrounding you.

I know this sounds pretty bad to you, right? There was a mouse on a white string, but I wasn’t holding it. At first, I saw what looked like a worm, but it got bigger. It was trying to keep you and the mouse together for some reason, but I woke up when the snake drew back. First, you know how I feel about snakes. You remember hurting your paw, Braxton, scary. Second, the worse thing in this existence, short of you being gone, is stupidity. Stupid! Even in dreams, that’s an absolute nightmare. That’s why I remember so much today, Braxton. I immediately had to look up Coral and Florida Scarlet snakes. Next to Lily White’s novel. What are you trying to tell me, B III? Here I wonder.

Let’s take the parts of the dream, the “coincidence,” place, you, the mouse, snake, five. Braxton, there is no way in Hell I knew I read a book three years ago today. Drawn to it. This is your home, and the two places you know most are the hallway, and the backyard, B III. Keeping you here… it hurts but is it hurting you too? I mean, the mud and all the gates Triple B? I don’t think I saw myself until the snake was ready to strike. So was I the mouse? Oh no. The more I try to remember the snake. Was it a friend or foe? I lean towards the former B. The Five… boobs and anxiety. I’m not five by five. But B Five By Five.

“Five by five is an expression mainly used in radio communications and military. It is meant to inform the listener that the connection is good, and the signal is clear. In daily speech, however, it means that you are feeling good, everything is fine and all is well.”

Always and Forever,
Your Dad


A girl like Rainey Summer Day deserves more than a five and what I paid for this title, I’ll say it is worth every single penny and then some; Lily White sure knows how to bring on the heat and the taboo. I Got Five On It

I Got Five On It

Now that’s no way to talk about a lady, but you should hear how Rainey Summer Day talks about herself. Indeed how Lily White speaks about everything. Now I can’t say I’m much better at what I’ve made women say about themselves. All I know is The Five is one of the dirtiest books I’ve ever read next to Lily’s “The Director.” Even that Tillie Cole title “Sick Fux.” Anyway for the gentlemen in the audience? If less is more, you get a good idea in Pure Taboo’s film “Guidance.”

Not saying guys don’t read any Erotica. Case and point still I’m one for language, or it could be the bombardment of sex in this title. Most stories are one to five ha drawn-out sex scenes. With this, you’re hit with it over and over. It’s a mishmash of fornication. Quick and to the point but never dull. You’ll be living on the edge of your seat. Though to be fair you’ll know what’s coming or rather who. Still, you’ll only want it all the more with each page that flies by to be sure. Like the character of Rainey, you’ll only crave so much more. How this title will deliver, whatever your fix is, sex, blood, a love story.

Despite everything, keep in mind that this is a love story. The typical how is the lovely girl going to get out of this predicament. Now her paramour never being the prince. Though comparing him to everyone else, is one man better or worse? The author attempts to steer you towards one. Only as you get deeper and deeper into the secrets of Rainey, you’ll say, yeah that’s not the way it’s going to go. For others that might be a fan of C.D. Reiss’s title Forbidden. It’s not a negative by any means. You’ll be rooting for Rainey, and one of the “gentlemen” leads throughout. So yeah I might end up giving it away at some point. May I have more restraint than Rainey.

There is one secret, though and I must have been too blind to see it. Until it comes out near the end, I wish I can say I was playing doctor. No, if anything, I wanted to be a customer as evil as they were towards Rainey. With this title though Lily White has easily made my top five in this genre. While I know, that doesn’t count for much. Only this is one more title of hers that I have become addicted to sigh.

Now stop me if you’ve heard this one. A young girl gets into trouble with guys, though in Rainey’s case she walked right on in. Still, because of her age, we’re to assume she’s trapped, which is true enough. I give marks to the author because of this. Sadly this might show what kind of man I am. Most of these titles the girl isn’t that young. They don’t dare to cross the line. Not Lolita young but depending on the age of consent. That didn’t stop anybody with Rainey.

So Rainey is the only survivor of a murder spree. Anyway seeing as how she’s bruised herself and tied up at the time we get to meet Justin Redding. A doctor sent to evaluate her guilt or innocence of the crime in question. Even so, most of the story is Rainey telling a tale of the Connors. Four men guilty of abusing her but the youngest Rowan. Don’t get your hopes up that isn’t the five, anyway. Rowan was the one to care for her. The story switches back and forth between Justin speaking of his interview with her. Only Rainey continues the tale and then comes the somewhat bombshell.

That’s the only negative that you’ll hear from me. Again I wasn’t looking to be surprised I was rooting for the outcome the whole time. I don’t see how the author could hold back as long as she did. Also, she has a good understanding of men. Most women would hate that men think like this. Many men might hate the casting as such, but I was sitting there. No, I wasn’t falling in love with Rainey, pity yes but yeah I would be going to Hell. Every character was covered. If anything, you are only hoping that it gets raunchier. I mean with everyone that Rainey encounters in bed or out. For example, the two detectives. Justin could set his sights elsewhere. Rather than with his subject, his obsession.

The plot isn’t new. I’m always amazed at how specific authors can spin it this way and that to tell their story. Along with the different voices, each showing a particular aspect. I would never call Rainey a heroine but a survivor. How you’ll find nothing is lacking at the end, and everyone got what they deserved. I remain sad for Rainey despite it all. I’m just as guilty as all those preyed upon her.

If I were going to recommend The Five, it would be those that study killers as a hobby the real-life stories of evil. Though there is death in this, there is so much more sex I’m sugarcoating it. Why should I, it’s a five-star masterpiece as was The Director and for the record. With that book, my beef is I can’t buy a copy to put on my bookshelf. So that was a different sort of darkness that I relished.

The truth, if you read stories the real horrors that some have experienced. If you bleed for the victims and at the same time, you want to know more. You want every visceral image. This fictional account will get you there. It’s like that scene in The Silver Linings Playbook. Pat listens to Tiffany recount her many sexual exploits and Pat gets so turned on. How you only want to take the girl on the table right there. The Five itself comes with a trigger warning. If you know anything about drugs and trading sexual favors, or abuse, you might want to skip this one. Now at the same time, it might help some heal with its way. While Rainey isn’t real, the exploits are seen every day in reality.

So why the five stars? Well other than the colorful language and the constant abuse of Rainey. How does she fulfill so many dark fantasies? Again Lily White doesn’t shy away from taboo subjects. There’s light at the end of many dark tunnels? Only I choose the darkness again and again. There is only a trace amount of a redemption arc when it comes to Rainey and spoiler alert Rowan who she chooses. Even Rowan forced his desires on her. How she never became a saint, she only delved into worse. The same with Justin, who couldn’t keep it in his pants despite wanting to come out as Rainey’s hero. In some shape or devilish form, which is why he got his ending of course.

Dare I say it was like Winston and Julia in 1984? That I can’t help wanting a Rainey of my own, now how sick is that? I know but yes I Got Five On It.

DIRECTOR, Producer, Lover, Oh My

A reader is to a voyeur as a writer is to an exhibitionist, with some books we’re alone in the dark but with “The Director” talk about lights, camera, action; looking through this author’s eyes is just extraordinary. DIRECTOR, Producer, Lover, Oh My

So filled by terror, there wasn’t room for shame or modesty while baring every part of myself to strangers. ― The Director, Lily White (2017)

The lack of the author’s fear is what impressed me the most with this title, no shame, no modesty, plenty of terror and nothing to apologize for, though I’m still not giving it five stars, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t wonderfully wicked. A work like this is supposed to make you feel it, to see it, to make it believable and this. Honestly, I wish I could see it on my bookshelf; I hope I could see it on the big screen just saying, I’ve probably seen it in porn here or there I’m sure.

I saw once that we read to know that we’re not alone and I look at my writing, my life, and see the flack I take for it, but again Lily White doesn’t give a rat’s behind she shines the camera directly in your face and dares you not to look away. Maybe that should scare some people but I’ve never published anything like this and she did it, how I would like to know what was going through her head at the time of this but maybe I should focus more on Emma Hart. Now I won’t say the story is somewhat original but this fictional work does give a peek into an all too real world, mentally, physically and the line between right and wrong; yeah wrong and yet I read on indeed.

It’s the usual state of affairs, good girl, bad boy, and if you’re a fan of the dark erotica genre you can pretty much guess what happens next, but it is still well worth the read. No BDSM because such a practice involves rules while the sexual escapades in this are anything goes, and as Jigsaw would say, there will be blood and not just that of the victims. I was also quite fascinated with the artist, and I don’t just mean the author but “The Director,” and it calls into question what would we do to express art in such a form as this.

That’s what got me the most about Ethan Cole, keeping in mind the crime and the evil it was revealing humanity, how easy it is to toss it away and then pick it right back up but maybe we shouldn’t be able to. Speaking of which I didn’t want to put this down, but that’s like being one of the people behind the camera, however, could I continue to look.

Well first let’s start with the hero and villain, no those are the wrong words, the victim and the artist, “beauty and the beast,” I could go on, for now, let’s just say Emma and Ethan/The Director. For such dark subject matter, I found myself transfixed with the beauty of it all from the scenes Ethan shot, to the evolution of both characters and there is a moment that will break your heart entirely devastating.

Emma starts out as the typical woman, what is that wrong to say, walks out on a date with a man only to end up with several worse ones, and the devil himself Ethan. It’s with him that she is forced to evolve or maybe forced is too much counting the fact that she eventually understands where he is coming from, let’s hear it for Stockholm Syndrome of course. From victim to a warrior, to lover Emma pretty much goes through the usual story progression but the ending I have seen in a few stories.

Ethan, now usually I find myself falling in love with the victim but Ethan; I feel like I know him well, any artist and it doesn’t matter which kind whose heard no you don’t do that because it’s risqué, people won’t understand, are you crazy will relate to him. Yes, he’s a monster, but if Emma can fall in love, I can look at the guy as living the dream and after all Emma would become his masterpiece to be sure. What about the lies, I’ve seen those from the most innocent of things like “The Giver” when it comes to our life’s work our creations and the fact that we live such boring lives, seriously Ethan makes good points.

I was also all about the voyeurism and exhibitionism, along with ravishment concepts and it makes me feel somewhat taken aback but then the author wrote this, it’s a fetish to many, and even shows that say this is brutal still show it. Anyway, the focus stays mainly on Emma and Ethan and any other characters are merely extras, like on Ethan’s stage there is only a man and woman.

I can honestly say it’s a four out of five stars and leave it at that, compelling and wholly visceral but comes just short of that spark but honestly a favorite. Also spoilers ahead but as I so often state, in this genre, it always follows the same formula and if we’re lucky a twist here or there, though not The Director so much honestly.

When it comes to stories like this, there is usually a span of a few days, months, a year, but the fact that story looked like it could use a montage of Emma in action. It makes the book seemed rushed by the end, not surprising, not unexpected just quick, though the revelations brought out the artist in me and what would you do with no inhibitions? In a way in reminds me these true-life stories of survival, Lily White’s tale could easily be on the evening news, with her heroine Emma recounting the horror.

Though the most heartbreaking portion wasn’t Emma at all and I won’t spoil it but that twist, talk about being a killer. The idea that even in Hell the concepts of mercy, compassion, even humor are allowed to exist even amongst all the sex and death that prevail overall. What about the bad guy winning, in these stories the villain always finds a sure way to love but I’m not just talking about Ethan, and you’ll have to read to know more about that part.

You know what you’re getting into, a broken heart and the typical ending but the lights, the camera, the action, there is a reason that porn is continually evolving, and your tastes may change by certain degrees with this title. For better or worse, this is honestly so much better; Lily White is an incredible author and this work wow DIRECTOR, Producer, Lover, Oh My.

Lesson 188 ~Let’s Remake The World~

The ideas have to get out some way, but I don’t want to be the only one that ever sees them but if anything I’m not a nice guy so is there such a thing as a dirty word? Let’s Remake The World, but not like that.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Lesson 188 ~Let’s Remake The World~

Hey Lady Sophia,
No Fear, as we both know I hate change be it success or failure, first you have to put yourself out there and for now, there are three ideas in my head

LIGHTEN UP, it’s about a killer that operates with fire, I’m sure there’s one done before, but it’s always good news when I can’t honestly think of a comparison. The world nowadays lacks originality without a doubt but how dangerous it is to be different in this day and age or any for that matter. Especially when all my works come back to sex, I imagine a woman being burned by the spotlight, flames if she doesn’t do what she’s asked. Yeah, I’m looking to be a banned book like my current read “The Director.”

What was it I said about being original though, I read a story prompt about a father who has four daughters that all represent the four horsemen of the apocalypse; I think that’s worth a bit of research Lady Sophia. I can’t say I know where I’m going with it yet but when has that ever stopped me before, honestly my last story just went on and on, and I still have yet to answer the question, what I’m going to do with it. There are still bad memories of my whole math fiasco, and that is what my novels are, just moving the problem from one place to another without any real solution naturally.

CRIME’S UP, yet another working title of course, but I was thinking about a hitman that would be up to kill anybody even if he must make them indulge some sin to earn their death. Of course, most of these crimes will be second circle offenses, how we are so influenced by what is going on in our lives as of late don’t you think? One story about the fire because it’s been so cold, another from Pinterest, now that was quite a scare worth writing about, and a third because again I’m fighting my nature as always and of course I’m quite the sinner.

As for the novel I’m reading as I said, Lily White got banned from Amazon and apparently everywhere else how can I expect to make money if I follow the same path? Being a writer though Lady Sophia isn’t just about the money; shall I have much higher aspirations, a thought Let’s Remake The World.

I Will Have No Fear