Chronicle 355 ~To B A Friend~

Truth, I don’t have any guy friends. I mean that outright know, see every day, etc., I’ll serve as an alibi when they start making their daughters’ boyfriends vanish. As far as my own kids… I was/am B’s father, but he was also my BFFF. To B A Friend.

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Chronicle 355 ~To B A Friend~

Dear Future Wife,
I AM a Billionaire right now, but to buy a friend? I don’t have many friends. How many groomsmen did I have?

Triple B, of course, would have been my best man. What? He likes big heaps of food. Bigger Yabbos. And with the biggest mouth I’ve ever seen, he wouldn’t find a ring the least bit appetizing. Next to our family, he’s the only one to score 21 Blackjack scale-wise. Now how did that happen? Love at first sight? The only time you’ll hear me say that about a guy. Well, next to us having a boy as well. I could give you many examples of B being my friend. The one I always go to love, a million times over, him watching me sleep. But when did we become friends? Was it even my choice? Braxton had four people and ended up choosing me. What!

Now you baby girl could have any man on the planet. Hell! Any woman on earth too. So how and why did you choose me? Should I ask such a question with… um, my life? Love with everything, I should get back into the swing of things because I have no idea how I could do this again. Not that I would want to. I fall in love, we get married, and that’s that. Always and forever. I can’t say it was how I was raised, but it’s what I’ve always believed. So you’d never have to worry about me making friends with women, ha. Hell! Braxton was/is my only guy friend. I call Carolina his Aunt for a reason. Cherry, M Anime, pretty but…

Let me keep digging the hole I’m in, right. “Running Up That Hill,” as the song goes. Or as the kids are saying these days. I want our kids to see me as their father, friend, and favorite parent. Okay, that last one is asking too much. When it comes to my Olds… I’ll always love my momma, but we’re not friends. Are you seeing why B III’s so important? And to think I could go out and find such a friend again in this life. But I found you. And I’ll never take that for granted, my love. But haven’t I? I need to be a better friend, hmm. Be more like Braxton, who hated everybody? Like father, like son. To B A Friend.

506 Days Without B III

BLM Braxton’s Life Matters,

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