Saga 060 ~ There’s B, There’s V~

The 26th is full of rage. I’m sure this day will be. The whole damn world fills me with fear and rage, and when I got home… Nope, that place wasn’t home. Where the heart is. In a box with my firstborn? Then there’s V, maybe? There’s B, There’s V

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Saga 060 ~ There’s B, There’s V~

Dear Future Wife,
I AM a Billionaire right now… and after paying my Olds a million and change, I’d never want to see them again.

Fuck! Braxton is my family, well, before you and our children. Of course, we could talk about your family or my lost boy. Baby Girl, I have spent all day today lost to my rage. Family? You’ve heard me say that the epitome of manhood is fatherhood. I’ve always wanted a family of my own. Home is where the heart is, THEY say. Without you, my heart would be locked in a box on the nightstand. And with a bit in my black pendant. Now love, I haven’t paid much attention to what I’ve been reading. That is, “Animal Reincarnation & Animal Life After Death.” Braxton’s love, anywhere and everywhere. But my “father” has been all over the past few days. You’ll never meet him.

Then there’s Virgil, who he did meet. If it was love, I would have protected the little guy; hid him better. Regarding our two-legged children, I’m going to be all Dan Forester. You know from The Tomorrow War? At least in the beginning. My “father” will never meet his grandchildren from my side. He has my sister for that. The bastard kicked Braxton. But again, what about little Virgil? My love, it has been a hard day. Outside of my rage, there’s nothing. Why do you think I’m so concerned with money? As the song goes, I am a “Real American.” Or when it comes to money, a fucking Republican. Language, I’m sorry. At least I’m not crying over Braxton. But I’m worried about Virgil.

I wouldn’t call him family yet, but his life has value; I have you, our kids, and the in-laws. Braxton’s Aunt, M Anime, Cherry… yeah, that’s another subject. There’s even Special K and others because you know me. With Braxton, it is “always.” B III, you, the kids. There is no place for my rage here. My indifference. No home. You know me and my music love, “Son, fear is the heart of love, ” so I never went back. And that’s why my Olds, my sister, and all the family I have short of Braxton and Virgil… The people Baby Doll. My Ma would be mad. I could let you me her someday. I’m here, my rage “let it go.” There’s B, There’s V.

576 Days Without B III, Day 017 of Virgil’s Arrival

BLM Braxton’s Life Matters,

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