Saga 078 ~To B Virgil Sometime~

What did he do wrong? That’s what Virgil must be asking himself. I’m taking him back to the “Rebeccas.” But he’d be cooler if they have A/C. Plus, I get hot and bothered over lots. Girls, groups of stupid people, giggling, etc. “To B Virgil Sometime”

Saturday, September 17, 2022

Saga 078 ~To B Virgil Sometime~

Hey Lady Lu,
I AM a Billionaire right now. I sure as Hell don’t act like it. I’m trying my impression of a dead man.

Don’t I wish? If anything, I’m more disappointed, dirty, or disgusted with myself. And while I’m busy giving the “D” to the existence of a future… Becoming Daddy once again? I’d like to think I’d be doing much better if Braxton Barks were here. I have Virgil, or I don’t. I don’t know. I mean, physically, he’s here in the house. He probably wishes he was somewhere he could chill, literally. Fuck, Hemingway is going to ding my ass “LY.” Anyway, allow me to be selfish for a little bit longer. Yeah, leaving Virgil in his room as I “talk” to you. Yeah, if we were only talking right, Lady Lunalesca. Until I see some bit of porn or anything that leads to it, right?

Anything that leads to me taking my clothes off because of the heat. Virgil doesn’t have such luxury, does he? Locked into his fur as the temperature reaches eighty-eight degrees. He’s wondering what he did wrong. Why can’t I do anything to help him? Well, I could and I should. I was texting M Anime yesterday. Yes, I kept my word to Lady Sophia. So I was saying if I had that $630.00 I wasted on my “father’s” friend… Hell! I could afford to get Virgil and me both our own air conditioners. But again, I’m a selfish prick. Spending money on hot girls in movies. Yeah, I saw “Pearl” on Thursday. From Mia Goth to Then “thesaviorswife” on OnlyFans. Thinking about Milf Dos.

But what about the doggie no longer sitting in the window but in B’s Room? We are quite alike. Many days, I sat in a bedroom wondering what I did wrong. Isn’t that what I’m doing right now? And how can I fix it? As Worf put it when Q had no powers… DIE. Lunalesca, if Virgil wasn’t here, I would. If I didn’t have Braxton’s memory, I would. What’s another distraction? “He Lives In You.” In case you’re wondering, that’s me crying for today. Only that won’t do anything for the heat. Burning money on more books, ha. I also wanted to buy a buffalo chicken sandwich from Subway. Things getting me mad. No, not Virgil Vivi. Still to know; To B Virgil Sometime

594 Days Without B III, Day 035 of Virgil’s Arrival

BLM Braxton’s Life Matters,

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