Saga 218 ~Braxton, Virgil, They Nose~

Braxton knew that something wasn’t right with him. Virgil knows something isn’t right with me. When I get his name wrong. Or I don’t actively seek him out, and he’s in Braxton’s room alone. And I need to be alone most days. Braxton, Virgil, They Nose

Saturday, February 4, 2023

Saga 218 ~Braxton, Virgil, They Nose~

Hey Lady Lu,
I AM a Billionaire right now, but I doubt it’s because I’m doing anything creative. And the ordinary… the Day Job, eww…

Or maybe that’s just me. I’m still feeling and smelling all types of gross. It could be all the money burning in my pocket. And I haven’t picked up any new deodorant yet, Lady Lu. It’s sort of hard when you’re starving. I shouldn’t say hard or starving, considering (sigh). We’ll get to the hard part later. For now, I’m trying to forget last week, to be honest. Well, not my son. Never my Braxton. I can’t say I’ve been that nice to Virgil these days, to be fair. Lunalesca, I’m not a monster. At least not to fur babies. People? They know. What? That I’m a stinker? I must be musty. Yuck! I swear I’m not mistaking you for Inspector Echo, Lady Lunalesca. Fuck!

Speaking of which, that’s all I’ve been thinking about these days. My Braxton, my stink. And then, as the song goes, “I smell sex and candy.” It’s been thirty-five days, Lunalesca. Twitter has been killing me, making me feel like a kid again. You know, when I first discovered Hentai. I haven’t been able to get anything else done. Downloading porn. Didn’t I say that you aren’t Inspector Echo? Yet I keep confessing to everything today. Not the worse of it, thank B III. The only little god I’ll bother listening to. Yet again, that could be the fasting. I am sucking down energy drinks and sour jelly beans, Luna. Not that I want to be awake, but then… Vengeance Day, Knock At The Cabin

I should have my nose in a book. How about in some prescriptions from doctors? Lunalesca, figure out what the hell is wrong with me. Is it these energy supplements? Degree Deodorant? Didn’t I blame them yesterday? And again, I went out and got what? Always food. And I want to see a Knock At The Cabin after reading the book about it. Is it the fact that people are scaring me so much more these days? I promise not to get all political. This is more personal. You know how I feel about people. Including myself, Lu? One more reason I miss Triple B. And have been somewhat annoyed with Little V. Leaving me to myself… “Cool Devices,” you know. Braxton, Virgil, They Nose

734 Days Without B III, Day 175 of Virgil’s Arrival

BLM Braxton’s Life Matters,

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