Saga 267 ~The Spelling B Virgil~

Call it a Republican tendency, but I ain’t getting any wiser. From The Zoe Colletti/Tifa Lockhart Incident and The Cherry Collision. To folding pants. At the Day Job. And what about looking after a fur baby whose name is? The Spelling B Virgil

Saturday, March 25, 2023

Saga 267 ~The Spelling B Virgil~

Hey Lady Lu,
I AM a Billionaire right now. How many times have I said that? When did I start? Billionaire? Nope! ANGRY, STUPID, HORNY.

Or more like Anxiety, Angry, and Annoyed yesterday. And here I am, lost on Sunday. Sunday, Bloody Sunday, as U2 sings. But for different reasons, of course. I hate Sundays. And no, I’m not late talking to you, Lady Lunalesca. Although next week… who knows. If anything, I know that today I miss my boy. Fuck! I miss B every day that ends in Y. Braxton died on Sunday, January 31, 2021. Did I tell you History’s my favorite subject? Only it makes me Angry. And I could go in so many different directions with that Lady Lunalesca. So I’m avoiding YouTube, Yahoo, and the yokels down in Florida. The Olds are there with the nephews, Disney World, Universal, and everything. I miss Spring Break.

While I sit here feeling STUPID for no particular reason. And then plenty of reasons. Lunalesca, I’m glad I read George Orwell’s 1984 before it got banned. America, America. As the song goes, “This Is America.” Now while I was no good with music, Reading was a… subject in school. Yeah, like Rosa Parks was only a woman that sat on the bus, Lady Lunalesca. I’m not STUPID. That’s what I want to scream out. But Lunalesca, you know what? Sometimes, I like to think I’m not a liar, either. That’s why I was gone for a little bit (sigh). I was reading about a family that has everything because they’re funny. There was AI. Oh, and some “Succubus Lord.” The Power of the Penis.

As Todd would say in that series. I’m pretty STUPID because I’m so effing Horny. Lunalesca, I went back from fucking to effing? One of many things I’m not sure about at any one time. Like Pornography… I was about to say I was an effing genius when it’s XXX. But I couldn’t even spell the word. I’m no good with math. Money and titties. Lunalesca, how much money did I spend this morning? None! But tits are so persuasive. And if I were any good at writing… I might have some smashed against me. What about if I listened to Bukowski instead of Hemingway? “So You Want To Be A Writer?” More like studying Anatomy. Spell Virgil instead of Freeloader. The Spelling B Virgil

783 Days Without B III, Day 224 of Virgil’s Arrival

BLM Braxton’s Life Matters,