Saga 274 ~I Fooled B, V~

What a fool believes he sees. He is I, and I am him. As you can see, I’m well-rounded when it comes to music. I’ve been listening to a bit more so as not to hear people’s jokes. Or Succubus Lord’s, either. To think I’ll live today no “I Fooled B, V.”

Saturday, April 1, 2023

Saga 274 ~I Fooled B, V~

Hey Lady Lu,
I AM a Billionaire right now… April Fools, am I right? Not most days, I’m afraid, Lady Lunalesca. First instinct, my ass

I’m more of a “Basic Instinct” sort of fellow. And contrary to popular opinion… Uh, who’s reading this? Hell! I’ll start sounding like Cherry in a few. As I was saying, AHEM! Contrary to popular opinion, my first thoughts in the morning are always about Braxton. I cry because I miss him. I get angry because if I must exist, I rather it be for love. Lunalesca, love for my boy because for damn sure I have none for myself. Pleasure? There’s not one I wouldn’t surrender if I could have Braxton back with me, Lunalesca. Only like most, I told him a joke. I thought I was funny? And how did it turn out? Hmm… “You’re going to live forever, Braxton.” Then? “Just Kidding!”

I swear those are two of the worse words in the English language. And yet another lie for sure, my Lady. And then, like any Republican asshole… I erased history, committed a crime, and lied about it. That’s what happened on a Saturday 231 days ago with Virgil. I’ll save you. I doubt I said that, but it’s what Virgil Vivi Bradford believed. Or should I say the Freeloader? Or what about Archie? That’s what his name was before I got him, Lu. I got him? Doesn’t he need to get his shots, more meds, and a damn nail clipping? Today would be a good day. Only he’s in Braxton’s Room right now. And if I’m getting up… Didn’t I speak of pleasure —only mine.

Going to get Pepper Dogs and Onion Rings for breakfast/lunch. There’s NXT Stand & Deliver. Roxanne Perez and Isla Dawn (Homer drool), eww. WrestleMania, Lunalesca. The idea of doing something for OnlyFans. And I can read something I want today. Kindle Challenge is over for now… well when picking a new book to read, Lunalesca. Chances are I’ll choose something to make me cry, cum, or crave laziness today. Always. Because the biggest trick THEY say the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist. I’m avoiding mirrors because I want to tell myself that I don’t, Lunalesca. Hell! I haven’t for 790 days. Even before that but there are Braxton’s eyes, Lunalesca. Virgil’s too. Being a good whatever, I Fooled B, V.

790 Days Without B III, Day 231 of Virgil’s Arrival

BLM Braxton’s Life Matters,

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