Tale 335 ~Sick Of B, Virgil~

I miss my earbuds, and I hate my Day Job. But today, I’ve been listening for any “mess” to hit the floor from Virgil. And I’ve been reading a book by a Roman Emperor. Braxton is still “up there” somewhere, as tall as a king. “Sick Of B, Virgil.”

Friday, May 31, 2024

Tale 335 ~Sick Of B, Virgil~

Hey Lady Sophia,
Let me tell you a story… but it’s not like something from Pixar or Disney. As if I’ve been keeping up, I’m so exhausted… or just lazy…

Dare I say, well read? But I am tired. I didn’t read when my aunt was in the hospital, so I was well aware of the news of her passing. I also kept my book away when my Ma was having heart troubles. Was I being a good son? Or did I not want to be rude at all? Hmm?

This brings me to my son… Uh, “sons?” On Friday, January 29, 2021, I wrote about Succubus Lord 7 and how I was on 8. You know where I was on the 31st, right, Sophia?

I was watching my son Braxton breathe his last. If you’ve ever wondered why, out of all the titles I have. I constantly listen to this Eric Vall series, Sophia.

Today, I will talk about Logan Jacobs’s book Backyard Dungeon 10. I’m surprised I’ve found the time with my other boy. I swear I paid so much to save my Little B III. But well? Yeah, his last bills are sitting on the coffee table. And I’m reading another one for Virgil, totaling nearly $300.00. But not for his current illness, which seems to be dissipating. A stomach bug? I don’t know, but I was not running behind V when he made a move. Uh?

Because I’m a bad dad… I’m sure Braxton is somewhere saying, “No, you’re not.” Sophia? Would Braxton say, “You’re a good dad. Say it!” For now, if he speaks to me, it comes through Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations. But review time:

A Ten for Backyard Dungeon?

Nah! But four out of five stars, at least. Why? I’ll tell you why. There are plenty of authors, just like Logan Jacobs. Eric Vall, A.J. Markam, Michael Dalton, Neil Bimbeau, I could go on. It’s not like I’m a connoisseur or anything. Backyard Dungeon, hmm? Personally, my favorite part would be Dorrem going to the capital. Being one to suffer from anxiety myself, it was new and somewhat uplifting to see a character coping, too. Next to that, Eddie and Gwen… Eddie and his wives? But Eddie’s a redneck…

I should say more, Lady Sophia, but I must ensure Virgil isn’t making more messes. My head hurts learning from Braxton these days. Ignorance is bliss? Sick Of B, Virgil

1216 Days Without B III, Day 657 of Virgil’s Arrival

B.L.M. Braxton’s Life Matters,

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