Saga 299 ~B It Goodbye Virgil~

Hell! I wrote a letter to Satan once. No, I don’t mean Santa. I said bye to him when I said goodbye to the church. My worst goodbye? That’s my son, and when I wake up. “God gave me everything I want?” My boy, brains, balls? Nope… B It Goodbye Virgil.

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Saga 299 ~B It Goodbye Virgil~

Forgive Me, Echo,
I AM a Billionaire right now. And while most are terrified by their greed. I don’t want to scare anyone. A lie

But let’s start with some facts. V is right here. And he ain’t going nowhere. Like the song “I’m right here and I ain’t goin’ nowhere You can turn tables, and you can throw chairs.” One thing that he and Braxton have in common. And speaking of which, Braxton is still dead. I never need reminding of that. Only it was something on Facebook… Inspector. What was it, hmm? Today it doesn’t matter. Yet I can’t say goodbye to Braxton or Virgil these days. Well, if you ask me which I prefer. Not that it’s a competition. Wake up dead? Of course, I mean me. It would be proper Inspector. To go with another song, “I’m way too good at goodbyes,” If I say them…

For example, if you’re waiting for another reason why I’m late talking to you, Inspector… I swear my dick has gone from two blonde models to a princess. There was Kaycee Barnes, Sandra McCoy, and Diane Lane “Unfaithful. A plethora of British BBWs, for sure. Hannah Harper and resting with Harmony Reigns “Fake Driving School.” So, the third song of the day? “Don’t know why I didn’t come.” Thank you, Norah Jones. I swear, Echo, geez. The days when I could watch porn and get back to business. Madness, Inspector. There’s the business of the Day Job when I walk out at the end of my shift. That’s that, ha. And, of course, my worst goodbye… besides my son leaving. Waking up in the morning

That’s because as soon as I turn on any of these screens. There’s always something, Inspector. Do you want to know what has me depressed today? Pop Culture whore… (Goes all Amanda Bynes, Ask Ashley) “THAT’S ME!” E, I’m going to get pretty stupid. Okay, so Carlie Jo is getting married. So is Suzy Lu. You can add Shelby from “Girlfriend Reviews to the list. Then Samantha “TBR Schmitt” is expecting. Becky Blow… pregnant. Now ask me, what the eff any of this has to do with me? Nothing. And I’m glad for them. But what have I said about manhood and fatherhood? Family? Killed my son, B III. There’s my Olds, my sister, Virgil? Love and Happiness? I think not. B It Goodbye Virgil

815 Days Without B III, Day 256 of Virgil’s Arrival

BLM Braxton’s Life Matters,

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