Tale 065 ~ Thought’s More Valuable Than Flesh~

You don’t want thinking slaves but working. And it’s why I don’t understand people at the Day Job wanting friendship. Flesh is more valuable than ideas, so why this rule. I figured I’d be better before this E-Day. “Thought’s More Valuable Than Flesh”

Monday, September 4, 2023

Tale 065 ~ Thought’s More Valuable Than Flesh~

Three-Hundredth And Seventh Rule

Madam Justice
I AM a Billionaire right now. Or have I finally… Well, you know what I want to say. Not wanting to see thirty-nine…

Friends are waiting. Braxton wasn’t my first fur baby, but a better friend, brother, son… There was none. On “my” Blackjack scale, B III was a twenty-one. Him dying… Well, let’s say the fact that I still exist is only because I wanted to keep him alive. And with it being 2023. I was thirty-six and now turning thirty-nine. There’s a battle within me. Madam, which is worse, his death or my Emergence. As much as I hate Emergence… Madam, add to that Existence and Extinction. E-Day! That’s part of the reason I’m talking to you now. I’m time traveling since today is Saturday, September 2, 2023. Last time? You know when E-Day is, and I haven’t heard from the Olds yet. And “my” friends…

Flesh and blood, Madam. Let’s leave the blood out of it. Hell with Braxton, as the song goes, “My love for you runs deeper than blood.” The measure of a man, the soul, my B.” But every day it seems that now I’m thinking about… Um, Japanese anime… Jitaku Keibiin. I was looking at that before I started talking to you today. Or anything to do with horny cheerleaders. I swear certain forms of entertainment make me idiotic and insanely bright. So that’s why I have such rules. You know the song The Banality of Evil? In the same voice, AHEM, My Stupidity Existing. Flesh is for when I’m done with using my brain. Ha-ha! Today, I’m trying not to think about E-day coming up.

Funding it anyway. Food, water, power, all “my” bills. Or they should be. The Olds. That’s the great fear, Madam. I think about the people who brought me into this world. Again, I ask which is worse, the ones that gave me life or the fact I gave one death. Braxton. What about Virgil? He needs things, too. So I’ll get out of bed AGAIN this Saturday afternoon and go “mow” the lawn. I’m trying to avoid humiliation. Whatever for? “Nothing really matters, anyone can see.” I put my flesh out there to prevent people from seeing what’s happening inside. My thoughts, a pretty piece of flesh (snickers) beats truth… Madam, there’s FEAR, RAGE, EVIL, DEPRESSION, STUPIDITY, Pandora’s… Will’s Box. Thought’s More Valuable Than Flesh

946 Days Without B III, Day 387 of Virgil’s Arrival

BLM Braxton’s Life Matters,

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