Tale 058 ~Personality Trait; No, Cruelty’s Habit~

I’ve got bad habits. I cry over B once a day. I’m unsure Virgil knows his name; I hardly speak to him. Yet, I’m ranting about hating my Day Job. And whenever will I stop gasping at the sight of… never mind. Personality Trait; No, Cruelty’s Habit

Monday, August 28, 2023

Tale 058 ~Personality Trait; No, Cruelty’s Habit~

Three-Hundredth And Sixth Rule

Madam Justice
I AM a Billionaire right now. But I didn’t need money to become cruel. The Man in the Mirror, my Braxton, too many…

But today, Friday, August 25, 2023… Time Travel. As usual, I begin with Braxton Barks. How I love my son. But dying was the worst thing he ever did to me. But who chose death? My final words to him might as well have been, “Go To Sleep.” Music Madam? That’s the problem. I’m never sure if I’m hearing Braxton or I am torturing myself. I’ve listened to this song, “On My Block,” all day. In particular, this one line goes, “I’d never leave my block; my (n-words) need me.” You have no idea how much we need you, Braxton. I’m back to reading books on dead fur babies. “When Pets Pass Away,” ha. So not funny. True enough, me being a sadist and all.

Or should I say a masochist? The things I’ve been subjecting myself to these days. And why. What day am I on now? And why not read something like “Backyard Dungeon 2?” Either way, it goes, I’m hurting myself and getting off on the pain. I’ve cried twice today so far. I don’t deserve pleasure, plainness, or even pain. That’s keeping my pants on, Madam. Suffering is a feeling. And who knows? Oh! Have my Olds called yet with E-Day? Every day, we get closer. I have been cruel to them. Seeing I continually breathe. Then I think about what I want from women. But looking at myself, Madam… Monster! Next to Braxton, I hurt him most of all. And how to break the habit…

I’ve been wanting to since I was 17. Younger than that, even. Damnation is eternal. Madam, with my luck, I would find myself talking to you right here in this bed. Wouldn’t that be a vision? You and all the girls, Braxton sitting in his corner, and a successful me. Now, this sounds like more of a confession to Inspector Echo; only Madam, please listen. I habitually talk to myself because nobody wants to listen to me. Uh, V and B III. Can they hear me? It’s like that scene from “New Moon.” There’s the Possibility. Right? And with things like OnlyFans, Pure Taboo, and The Pic Phenomenon that go on, sigh. But feeling nothing. My Indifference killed Braxton? Cruelty? Personality Trait; No, Cruelty’s Habit.

939 Days Without B III, Day 380 of Virgil’s Arrival

BLM Braxton’s Life Matters,

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