Tale 070 ~Virgil, BIII Of E-Day~

Any day B III got more than his fair share, he considered it a holiday. Birthdays? His own, and then E-Day. I didn’t share with VV… Red Lobster forgot the fries “twice.” And the steak. It’s not the only reason I want to vomit. “Virgil, BIII Of E-Day”

Saturday, September 9, 2023

Tale 070 ~Virgil, BIII Of E-Day~

Hey Lady Lu,
I AM a Billionaire right now… Which means I would be “partying” this month. To be honest. I just want to vomit.

Didn’t I say yesterday that I’m pretty sober? Unless you count sugar as substance abuse. I don’t know if I’ve been crashing. The “Adrenaline” is wearing off. Or depression’s back. I survived E-Day. But that means I have another year of existence to waste. Vomiting? Yep, Luna, TMI! But I’ve said out loud that I killed my son, too. Can B III see me now? Lunalesca, I hope not. But for the record, I’m sitting in bed talking to you. Talk about existence goals. I want to be in bed with a big set of boo… I’m not trying to be derogatory towards women. My critic would have a field day or say nothing at all. There is no middle ground. Anyway, sitting with Braxton…

I’d lie in bed all the time. And after napping for far too long, I’d spill my guts. Not literally. It depends on how you take these words. I wish I could tell you, but (censorship). Anyway, back to my point. Anything else requires me to face the “Man in the Mirror.” Lunalesca, the E in Existence. I swear if my critic doesn’t talk to me today… Emergence is what I regret the most. Extinction is what I yearn for. But Existence? And it’s been two days. What have I done with them? I’ve done the Math. E-Day takes plenty of arithmetic. The money I didn’t spend on “The Pic Phenomenon.” The cash wasted on “my” dinner. And let’s not forget time. THEY say, “Time Is Money.” Thirty-nine years, Lunalesca!

Let me spend more time answering my critic’s question. Hopefully… What’s E-Day? E-Day is the day on which… Well, as Shakespeare put it. From my mother’s womb, I was untimely ripped. It’s the day I came into this world kicking and screaming. And look at me now. Can’t you see Lady Lunalesca? It’s why I find women distracting, love B’s eyes and avoid mirrors. Didn’t I mention I’m reading about vampires now? What are the rules for them again? The rules for E-Day are getting a good night’s sleep, not seeing people, and having a delicious dinner. And I broke every single one this week. And I’m glad it’s over, but now there’s more time. What does that mean for Virgil? Virgil, BIII Of E-Day

951 Days Without B III, Day 392 of Virgil’s Arrival

BLM Braxton’s Life Matters,

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